Thrifty Book Finds

I had the best luck the other day! On a whim, I stopped into a thrift shop by my mother’s place and found the sweetest books at the best price I could have imagined!


50 cents each! That one in the front is from 1907! It doesn’t have any colored illustrations, but I just love it!


Here are a couple of pages from two of these books. These books are so old they are slightly falling apart, so they may have to sit on a shelf for a while until I figure out how I’m going use them.


Three more. How cute are those! And the illustrations are just gorgeous!


Lastly, these two. I would love to have a collection of vintage “The Christmas Carol” books! I have another one, but took it apart to make a journal out of  and have regretted it ever since. (In my defense, at least I read the book before I took it apart)


So, let’s drink a toast to Uncle Scrooge and finding a treasure trove of great vintage books!

Thank you once again for the visit,

Have a wonderful day,


4 thoughts on “Thrifty Book Finds

  1. WOW Patty! you hit the vintage book jackpot on this treasure hunt!! the one titled “a Little Housekeeping Book for a Little Girl” looks adorable. it’s a good reminder for me to always wander over to the books when i’m treasure hunting 😉 thanks for sharing 🙂 jenny

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