I have fallen in love with ink stamping on my journal pages! And, I think I may have mentioned my stamping phobia in past posts. So, my way around some of the anxiety is to stamp onto scrap paper beforehand to see if I’m getting the ink right or if the size is really what I’m looking for. IMG_1460

 Well, I really liked the way the scrap papers were turning out, so I set about looking for ways to use them. I love page tabs, another one of my office supply obsessions.  I think they give pages so much more character.


Like my pages need more characters! If I could rock a shawl like that, I’d wear one every day!

Little handcrafted touches, mixed with store bought goodness, makes the pages so much more balanced.

IMG_1453Yep! She’s rockin’ it!

Page 1/13/15 in my Collage journal. I’m seriously going to town with stamping! Now, when I look at my pages, they seem unfinished If I don’t add some ink. Which is a good thing, because I have been collecting rubber stamps for years and haven’t been using them! Score!

All I needed to do was let go of my persnickety ways and get all Wabi Sabi with it!

So, there you have it, another way to avoid throwing something away. Or “up-cylcing” if you prefer, that sounds a bit more trendy!

Thanks again for the visit,

Have a great weekend


13 thoughts on “Re-purposements

  1. oh that shawl! i would say YOU are rockin the stamping patty-love how you made tabs from the images. i debated on getting a tab punch last week. shoulda done it! have you ever stamped on tissue paper? it adds some nice texture along with the image on a journal page, etc. tfs 🙂


  2. Or… You could throw a few of those stamped scrap papers into some outgoing happymail (wink). Who, in their right mind, could ever resist receiving some cute stamped images in the mail. 🙂


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