Supply Findings

Lately, I have been doing my utmost to support my fellow online shops, in other words, going nuts with shopping! Well, for me anyway.

Some of this stuff is too cute to keep to myself, so check it out…


Some ridiculously cute playing cards! I love these things! As a matter of fact, when I went to her shop to grab her url, I started shopping again! Shame on me, I should at least wait until I’m finished writing this blog post!

You can find more of these at FoundAlchemyArt for a great price! But, save some for me!


Some vintage Asian ephemera. Listed as Chinese vocabulary cards, Japanese vocabulary cards, and Chinese/Japanese character cards. So super cute!

You can find them at Collage Stuff. Great selection and prices!


And free goodies are always welcome! CARDS!

That quote card is going straight into my Vision Board journal!


This is just the tip of the iceberg of how many stamps I ordered from this shop! The selection was awesome, she is a true stamp-a-holic, and has great customer service! They are listed in her shop with the coolest titles too. How she managed to organize these in the categories she did is nothing short of amazing! I know, I’ve done it, just on a much smaller scale.

Her shop is called PreciousOwl.


A memory page I put together all this fun stuff. I’ve been falling a bit behind with my “Collage a Day” challenge, but these new goodies should light a fire under me bum!

Please go check out these shops, you won’t be disappointed!

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Have a great day,


4 thoughts on “Supply Findings

  1. thanks, Patty – PreciousOwl site is a real find – thank you for sharing her with all the rest of us. Promise – I’ll leave some stamps for you!


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