Tags, Decorated Bits, and things

Lately, I have been slightly obsessed with making small “art pieces” for my journals. It started with tags of course, but I thought it would be fun to make small pieces on background paper too.

…and use up some of the small bits I have been storing over the years. I could say hoarding, but it really is more of a case of collecting too much stuff and not enough time to work with them.

Believe me, I definitely have a little stash of hoarded goodness I will get out and play with someday soon, but need to get through some of these bits first.

Here are some tags I decorated while watching my favorite artists on YouTube. I thought it would be fun to make some of these for my shoppe, but I keep using them up…better get to work!

An example of an “instant page” so to speak.

As you can see I prepped the page with gesso, tinted matte medium, and stenciling. I like to prep my backgrounds to get the wet media out of the way to be able to work on my collage…but if the background is done ahead of time, and the collage is done ahead of time…I could very well be creating some kind of art journaling time warp!

The future is bright!

For your entertainment.

I’m loving these florals created by Kathryn at “Art Paper Joy” on YouTube. I printed them out on clear table paper and cut them out, Lovely!

Here is a link to her shop: Art Paper Joy

Well, that’s it for now,

Thank you so much for stopping by,

Have a great week,


3 thoughts on “Tags, Decorated Bits, and things

  1. Using up those yummy bits and pieces is always a win in my book! Why bother to put all of that away when you can create a few fun pieces instead? I keep a little container and toss the ‘leftover’ pieces into and try to use them asap instead of starting another ‘stash’ of pieces. I love your “like that=magic created” video at the end Patty! cute and clever😃 tfs


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