(un)Realistic Expectations

The latest happenings at Casa de Radish is a kitchen remodel, and I am happy to say that it is almost finished, Monday should be the last day. Three weeks without a kitchen is quite a challenge, but it was actually fun not cooking (just not doing dishes in the bathroom sink!). So, we did a lot of barbecuing with ready made sides and relaxed in the backyard.

I knew not having a kitchen for a couple of weeks was going to be stressful, so I decided to cut myself some slack and take a little vacation from obligations to see what happened. It actually gave me enough space to see that I had over committed myself once again.

Busy work.

When the remodel started, I hid in my room with our elderly pooch and listened to audio books, art journaled, and posted, posted, posted, but after a while even that got a little tedious. I had joined the #100dayproject in an effort to get some of my art journals finished up, and it worked out pretty well in the beginning, but falling behind then playing “catch up” took too much time and energy, so I dropped out. Taking photos and posting on Instagram became more time consuming than it was worth.

Making adjustments.

I had also joined an online art journaling group hoping that it would inspire me to dig in and get some journals done, but it actually just felt like another obligation. To be honest, I think I have had a hard time adjusting to retirement and taking care of a family, so I keep looking for things to feel relevant and social media filled the bill for a while. I also thought that when my daughter and grandson moved out of state I would have a lot more free time to spend on ramping up my shoppe and social media presence. It definitely helped me refocus my grief, but now that I am on the other side of adjusting to their leaving, I’m finding lots of other things to keep me busy!

Going “small”.

Sometimes I wonder if I should let go of any kind of social media presence because popular opinions say that if your not “killing it” you’re wasting your time, It’s a lot of work to stay relevant in today’s social media world and I used to dream of being a “big deal” online…but now I’m over it. A couple of people that I was having a great time following have dropped out, and I’m actually pretty sad about it. It makes me wonder if they felt like even having a small presence wasn’t worth the time. I hate to see them go, but they have to make decisions that’s best for them.

Still sticking around.

I have to say that I have been enjoying taking a small break from posting on social media all the time and I’m going to post here when the mood strikes, (along with YouTube and Instagram (Facebook is long retired) because I don’t feel like retiring yet, I just want to take things a little more easy and give that little voice that nags me to post more often the “heave ho!”.

I have a lot of creative things I’m working on and I will definitely share here as much as possible, but not on any schedule, just as the mood hits me.

So, until next time,

Thank you for the visit,

Have a great week!


(p.s. I want to do a downsizing giveaway, so look for that sometime soon!)

9 thoughts on “(un)Realistic Expectations

  1. I really love seeing your pages Patty!! I think you should do what feels best for you!! I totally understand all you’re feeling. I really wanted to participate in the 100 days, but it feels overwhelming to me to try and do/post something every day.


    1. Thank you Robin! I am really surprised that I don’t miss posting, especially when so many people that read this blog take the time to comment. I’m overwhelmed by support here!


    1. Thank you Nancy! It’s Wednesday and I think this might be the last day. My daughter and grandson will be here this weekend, it sure would be nice to have a kitchen sink!


  2. I prefer blogs or youtube, just easier for me to follow. There’s too much “stuff” on other platforms that gets in the way of me seeing what interests me


  3. It is always a treat to see what you are creating, doing, and thinking whenever you choose to share, Patty!


  4. So smart of you to post only as you feel like it, rather than on a schedule. Takes the heat off yourself and allows your at-will creative time. We will be here to soak up your creativity whenever you decide to share it. 😁


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