A Bit About Me…

  Hello, my name is Patty Radish, and Welcome to my blog!


 A place where I share a bit of my life and my latest creative makings.


I’m passionate about art journaling…


…decorating (and as you might guess, reading)








…family (my oldest)


…and rekindling my love of nature walks…with dog.

So, I hope you will share my journey,

Thank you for stopping by,



2 thoughts on “A Bit About Me…

  1. Do you have any tips for something on paper is there a certain stitch length you use?

    I’m so excited about your work I can’t stand it it’s absolutely beautiful!!!


    1. Thank you so much Diane! You want to go pretty big on your stitch length, or else you will perforate the paper. I use a lot of zig zag stitching because it shows up more on the paper, go big on that too!


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