Making Goals and Changing Names!

I hope I’m not going to be too-o-o long winded with this post, I have a lot I want to cover. There are quite a few things that have helped me set goals this year, and so far I’ve been able to keep up with them.

The first thing I would like to share is my planner.


I shared about this planner last year, it was my personal care planner then. Well, that didn’t go down the path I was shooting for, so I re-tooled it into my Goals Planner.


I Bought Lara Casey’s audio book “Make It Happen”, and I loved it! She has a great way of inspiring you to goal set, but has a wonderful philosophy of “Little by Little”. In other words, don’t stress, just get as much done as you can, when you can.

You can see some of the sections for the categories I’m working on this year. Honestly, these are the same as last year’s, and will probably be the same next year too.


This is in the calendar section of my planner. I have chosen a de-clutter project for each month, until gardening begins, and I needed something different to track my progress. My husband helped me out with this idea, I feel as if this bubble chart will work a lot more organically than a calendar or a list would.


A page from my “Goals With Grace” devotional. This devotional has really helped me discover what I needed to think and pray about for the this year’s goals. One of my goals this year is to make more videos, so I made one of a flip through of this entire devotional, you can see it here.


This is where I journal about my progress. Now, I get it if you think this is a bit of over-kill, but this is what I did last year, and it worked for me. There is a section for each category I’m working on: Faith, Home, Family and Friends, Creative, Health and Fitness, and Shoppe. That quote card on the right is my gratitude mantra, not just for this year, but always.


I didn’t hit the goals on all those categories last year, but I got pretty darn close. Plus, I really got something out of reading my journaling, it helped me set my goals for this year.


My One Little Word binder. In a perfect world you wouldn’t see the adhesive under the velum, but I decided not to stress too much about it and just get it done.


A groovy little pocket on the front cover.


My word and its definition. I’m having fun stash bustin’ on this project too!


On a side note, taking the time to really think about this word has brought up all kinds of thoughts and feelings related to it that I didn’t foresee. I don’t know if you noticed it or not, but I changed the name of my blog from to I also changed the name of my shoppe to EclecticArtJournals. I did the same across all my social media. I am amazed at how making this small change affected me, it’s like I’m taking ownership of everything I’m putting out there. It’s a really good feeling!

Well, that just about does it with my goal setting strategy, I hope it was helpful. If you get some time, head over to my YouTube channel and check out my latest video.

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“Grace” and I Went For a Walk, and Found “Authenticity”

I have been hard at work getting this year’s goals organized. In the midst of it all, I decided to add an extra piece, the Illustrated Faith “Goals With Grace” devotional. It had me at “Grace” being that was my “One Little Word“. (pretend those are “air quotes”, because that’s not annoying!)


The front cover, and as you can see, I have the word Grace as my word for 2017. Let me tell you, this a great word, and I definitely need it in my life.


 But, after all the reading, praying, and journaling, (and writing a pretty lengthy post on IG and FB), I realized I needed a word with a little more substance.


 I’m almost sure that authenticity and grace can walk through this year hand in hand quite nicely, and I can’t wait to see all the ways authenticity will guide me this year! (Time to work on my One Little Word binder! Yay!)

I still plan on sharing my goals setting scheme with you. I have been working on this devotional so diligently, I haven’t made time for much else. And I may do a flip through of this devotional on Youtube if I get motivated enough.

Here’s a link I shared on Facebook you might find interesting:

A Life In Progress

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