Thrifted Library Pockets

Last week, I promised I’d share a little more about my library pocket finds.

As usual I apologize for the sheer amount of photos, but I usually try to make up for that by keeping the chit chat short. So here goes…

I was able to pick up about 22 of these in this haul. At 25 cents apiece, $5.50 doesn’t seem too pricey, especially when you count in spending the day with our best friend thrift shopping. Priceless!

Some of the cuteness found inside the books. The page is of course from one of the books, again 25 cents, cha-ching right there!

You never know what you’ll find tucked into the pages of old books. I still have a four leaf clover I found in a very old book.

A selection of some keepers.

I bought all the books in another town, so I donated most of them to our local Senior Thrift Store that is sadly lacking in children’s books, so that was super fun!

Now to the art journaling portion of this post:

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

I made a sort of half promise to myself that I would finish up all my half done art journals in 2022, but I make that promise every year!

Does that equal a full goal or a 1/4 of a promise? Math isn’t my strong suit!

Anyway, I promised this would be about thrifted library pockets.

This is an image of a vintage radish. Clearly the sand has shifted to the bottom, much like this vintage Radish!

I had fun with this page spread. Yes, I have “Pants fitting problems!”, it’s called Christmas goodie overload!

I love that quote from one of my Happy Planner sticker books, I just couldn’t bring myself to actually put it in a planner. Guess I’m just not that motivated!

The tag selection: Library card, coffee stained tag with a floral sticker, large tag made from “under paper” (loosely described: paper used to protect your desk while painting something else), and a card made from art randomness with some info from masks I ordered online. (See why I need to downsize!)

I adhered a journaling piece that I had removed from a journal that was no longer working for me. It was a special memory of my dad. I love having a new home for it!

The photo on the front of the library pocket was taken on the trip where I said goodbye. A particularly sweet memory.

Well, that’s about it for now. I’ve been spending most of my time setting up my planner and coming up with some pretty loose goals for 2022 (guess I won’t be punching any days in the face this year!)

Until next time

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Have a great week!


Published…and Then Some

Yay! I’m proud to announce that I’m published in the current issue of Art Journaling magazine by Stampington & Co.

That’s not me on the cover, I have a long way to go before that happens!

I wish I could share some of the photos of my journal, but I deleted them after I wrote my article.

But I have this!

When I submit a journal to Stampington, I take photos of all the pages in case they accept it for publication. Now that’s positive thinking!

This is my “Article” binder, where I organize the photos, sketch out ideas, and draft the article outline. Most of my previous articles are in this binder so I have a reference so as not to recycle ideas.

I made this journal back in 2016, so remembering where my head was at the time proved a bit difficult, but I muddled through. Apparently I was pretty stoked about some international purchases of washi tape!

Just like my articles, I never know where my blog posts are going to take me, so I hope you found this one interesting enough to make it to here 🙂

Thank you to all my blog friends for supporting my art and meanderings…

and Welcome to all my new followers! Yay!

Have a great rest of your week,

Talk to you soon,


Holiday Journal: Journaling Pages

The last installment of the Holiday Journals series, Yay!

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to move on.

I used my journaling pages for memory keeping and devotional tracking. The library cards tracked the date and scripture I read that day, and the tags are for memory keeping. Between social distancing and the weather, we didn’t get up to much, but there were a few things worth noting.

I had so much fun making these pages and decorating my tags that I’ve decided I want an entire journal of tags and pockets. Coming to your local blog soon! (The ugly sweater tag was a gift from a sweet friend=memory)

A selection of the tags from this journal. I loved having painted backgrounds with an addition of tissue paper or clear sticker paper, and then playing with the tags and pockets.

And now it’s 2022! Well at least in my journal.

Like I said, I’m really chuffed with these pockets. So much so that I went thrifting with my daughter and picked up as many “Discarded” library books as I could find, just for the pockets…so much fun!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did, but I’m ready for something new! How about you?

There’s so much inspiration out there, but so little time!

As always,

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Holiday Decorations

Today I was taking photos of my decor because I’m hoping that if I have this to refer back to, things might go a little easier next Christmas. I also plan to pack it all away and label it per the particular tree or area. I thought since I took a bunch of photos it might be fun to share.

Yes, I have many trees. I do kind of a Retro-Woodland-Glam thing, lots of trees, animals and sparkle.

These trees are in our front window. The only “outdoor” decor this year until my hubby’s knee is ship shape (no ladders this year mister).

The sweater gang.

The shelf above our TV. I have been putting those Santa pictures on our mantle for over 30 years. I’m not sure about this arrangement yet, but I love the wooden nutcrackers. I found the fisherman this Christmas, the new guy. I started on the nutcrackers after my mom sent bunch of them to us one Christmas. They’ve been a fixture ever since.

We have a few rather large ornaments, so I hang them deep into the tree to give the decor a little depth. The disco ball was an addition from our son a few years ago when he flew over from Korea one Christmas. A sweet keepsake, we don’t see him very often.

Our mid century hutch and pencil tree. All my small ornaments go on this tree, acorns, walnuts, little pinecones. It may sound funny, but I remember where most of my ornaments came from and who I was with when I bought them, or who gave them to me. It’s always so much fun to bring them out every year.

I repainted all my nutcrackers a few years ago to match my Christmas color scheme. I’ve gone almost completely neutral, so these guys will get a makeover next year.

The shelf in the corner of our dining room, I usually have plants on it. Yes, I pretty much strip the house at Christmas then deep clean and redecorate after the first of the year. It’s also when I clean up my plants and give them some new top soil, it’s a great way to start the the New Year.

Lily has to get into the action when I’m taking photos so I thought I’d toss her in too.

Well, that’s about it around here right now, relaxing and crafting…and eating

I’m working on the memory pages in my “Holiday Journal”, so I’ll be sharing those later this week.

Until then,

From our home to your’s HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope 2022 a good one for you and your loved ones!

Talk to to you soon,


Holiday Journal: Coffee Dyeing

Well, I’m still plugging away at my “Holiday” journal. Today I’m going to share a few thoughts about coffee/tea dying, whatever beverage you prefer.

This post is very photo heavy, so I’ll keep the narrative minimal.

There are a lot of super cool dye techniques out there, but my main objective is to take the glaring white out of some of my paper bits.

Before and after: I love how “aged” the stained paper looks.

I also wanted to share how I sometimes print in black and white to use a printable in a different way and make it look a little more vintage. I love the gradations of black and gray.

As you probably know, I use a lot of doilies in my back grounds, and they’ve gotten a bit pricey. I’m really more interested in using what I have on hand at this point and not buying more. Plus, white doilies are so much more readily available, hello Dollar Store! (I’ve dyed them with food coloring too, super cute!)

Journaling spots: that piece of paper in the middle is from a larger piece that I used to dry some coffee dyed bits on, they made all kinds of interesting stains on it. Then I cut some of it down to 8.5″x11″ (letter/A4 size) and printed graph paper on it then cut out some tags

Tags and such: sometimes I’ll switch out the string for bakers twine on these and use the stained string on my colorful scrapbook paper tags, just to mix things up a bit.

My collection of dyed ephemera. I try to dye in batches so I have a selection to choose from…or give away 🙂

If you made it this far, I’m impressed! That was pretty darn dry!

This is the basket I throw things into for future dyeing projects. Sometimes a good “staining idea” will hit me and I’ll throw it in here, the seam binding being a case in point.

I was able to get quite a few pages done this week, thanks to my organization!

And I have at least one more technique I’d like to share from this journal.

So, until next time,

Thank you for stopping in,

Have a wonderful New Years!

And I’ll see you in 2022!