Art Journaling: Using My Photos

Many of you know that I like to use “real photography” in my art journals. Sometimes my own, sometimes other people’s. But, for the most part I use them for memory keeping.

Even though these are memories of my garden or a trip to the garden center, they don’t fall under the heading “memory keeping”, at least not any more. I’ve decided to start including them in my shoppe ephemera packs.

My latest “ephemera pack mood board” “Wild Things”, now available in my shoppe.

 Check out that albino squirrel, the raccoon doesn’t know what to think “What the what!”.

An art journaling page with some of the ephemera pack leftovers.

I love the challenge of seeing what I can do with random bits. The big green swirly sticker in the background has been bouncing around my art room for well over 10 years. The stamped piece along the sides was a scrap of sticker paper was experimenting with. I used black and white florals on clear sticker paper to blend the elements a bit.

A photo I took at our local Botanical Gardens a couple of years ago. Some of my favorite pix to take are where it looks like a Hobbit or a bunny might pop out.

I have already started including “my photos” into my ephemera packs.

My dream is to get through most of my vintage ephemera and make packs with my own “makings” in them, a lot like my “Curated Art Findings” ephemera packs. (as of this blog post I have only one left, they really like these in Canada for some reason.)

I spent a whole day gathering, organizing and editing photos. I will write a post on how I edit my photos and what I used make them into polaroids if you’re interested, just let me know in the comments.

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My Latest Obsession: Mood Boards

And it all started out of frustration!

Sometimes there are so may moving parts to my projects, I have a hard time remembering all of them…so I make lists. That’s great, but even then, I’ll loose my place on the checklist. And really, how inspiring is a list?!

“Happy Mail Mood Board”

As you can see this combines elements with lists, and even some room for detailed notes…game changer. There is so much more to this than words and ephemera, it’s also a springboard for more ideas (and probably a new mood board)

“In the Garden” ephemera pack.

It started with this page spread. I got flustered with constantly referring to my notes and thought instead of making a “memory page” when I was finished making an ephemera pack for my shoppe, I decided to make the page spread ahead of time to remind myself what “goes” into it as opposed to what “went” into it.

“Art Journaling” page.

Now, you’re probably going to think it’s a bit silly after all these years to need a reminder of the elements that go into one of my page spreads, but it’s not. When I decide to create a page spread I’ll usually go through some of my old favorite art journals for ideas, especially if things aren’t clicking.

Now I have an idea book to refer to when (not if!) I get stuck!

If you look up “Mood Board” on the internet, you will see these used for home decor  and fashion ideas, I think you can use them for just about anything creative you are working on, like cards, a quilt, or even a crochet project.

The beauty of this is there’s no more hunting around for the perfect art journal for inspiration, it’s always where I can find it, right above (or on) my desk.

I made this journal by printing “dot grid” onto white card stock and  binding it with the covers of a large vintage book, but you can make something like this in a binder, an art journal, or something to hang on your wall.

I have quite a few more ideas for ephemera packs and other projects, so this may become a series, so I hope you are as excited about my new obsession as I am! 🙂

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Junk Journal Pages

What happened to July!? It turned into one of those months that everything happened, I had a hard time squeezing everything into it…guess the blog didn’t make it. Lol!

I’ve been trying to keep up with the downsizing project, and it’s actually been pretty fun, especially in my craft rooms…Yes, I have two now 🙂

Making the time to finish up olde junk journals is on my priority list right now. I’m afraid to look at how old this one is, I’m sure there is a date in there somewhere.

I’m happy to say that I actually journaled on that card in the pocket, something that I don’t do unless I have something on my mind that just won’t settle. Me hubs (my husband) has had a couple of health issues this month, so that took a little air out of my tires. But, things are looking up as we work through it.

I spun my wheels on a few projects that didn’t seem worth the time this month, but water under the bridge, it kept me busy.

To the point, this is why I started art journaling to begin with. The combination of art therapy and journaling is the perfect fit for me. I sent in an art journal to Stampington’s “Art Journaling” magazine a few weeks ago, hopefully that won’t turn into personal drama, my last one was sent back saying “thanks but no thanks”.

Well, I just wanted to check back in and say hello. I’ll keep working on downsizing olde art journals and hopefully take the time to post as I move along.

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And We Have A Winner…s!

Because I was so blown away by the awesome response to my little blog giveaway, everybody that left a comment on my Giveaway post gets an ephemera pack!

“…you getta pack…and you gettta pack…and you getta pack…lol!

It will take me a couple of days to put 7 extra ephemera packs together. So in the meantime, all of you that left a comment can start to email your addresses to me. My “email button” is at the top right hand corner.

Whoa! 2020 flashback!

Okay, I’m done fooling around! Everybody get on to sending your addresses, and I’ll get back to work!

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“Garage Sale” Ephemera Pack Giveaway

You might be wondering what I mean by “Garage Sale”…or maybe not. 🙂 It’s probably pretty self explanatory, I NEED TO GET RID OF STUFF!

So, I dug through a few boxes and containers and came up with 4 giveaway packs.

The plan this time is that 1 will go to my blog followers, 1 to my Facebook peeps, and 2 to my IG folks, I’m going with the amount of engagement.

I’m truly sorry to say that this time I will have to keep this in the continental U.S. because of cost, but I will try to have one that I can open up to international mailings soon.

I plan on having a lot of giveaways going forward!

So, if you are interested in entering my giveaway, all you have to do is comment on this post.

I will be running this through the weekend (ends Sunday, June 27 @6:pm PST)

The more the merrier, I look forward to hearing from you!

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