My “Reset Girl Collections” Organization

I think that organizing has become my hobby. Truth be told, I find certain items irresistible when out “a-thriftin’. And one of them is vintage suitcases.

I found this white Samsonite beauty at the Goodwill for …are you ready?…$3.99! Luckily for me, they don’t consider the “60”s vintage, or this would have ended up in their online store. Score!

(And the fact that I am not considered “Vintage” having been born in the “60”s makes me pretty happy too!)

I think it was Cori’s “Paper Punch Buffet” idea that gave me the inspiration that this would be the ideal organizer for each month’s collection. This little tray is the perfect organizer for all my fussy cuts and punchables. All my girls fit beautifully in that front area, Love!

This month’s Collection is titled “Homemade”, and I absolutely LOVE it! The colors are perfect, a few fall colors excellently combined with pastels. A wonderful rest for the eye with all the earthy tones surrounding us this season!

A few of the items I keep in there at all times: paper pieces, washi tape, sticker paper, Reset Girl tissue paper (when Cori sent her orders in boxes), and my sweet little TRG Camp Reset pouch with a selection of doilies.

Everything fits in there just beautifully! I’m careful with what I put in the pockets because the elastic is a bit old.

There’s even enough room for journals!

Since my husband and I have purchased a little vacation/retirement home, we travel back and forth quite a bit, so I am definitely getting a lot of use from my vintage train cases.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek into this month’s collection! Visit for the latest collection!

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Thrifting, Wilhold Love, with Organization

It has been a long time since I’ve gone a-thriftin’, and boy were the thrifting angels on my shoulder this week!

I found three Wilhold sewing boxes, but only two came home with me. One of them was a repeat, and I only have so much room in my house.

The one in the background is olive green with a clear lid. I will be posting more about it when I find just the right use for it. The clear one at the front is already in use! More on that in a minute.

On to the rest of my finds…

Vintage office supplies. Another super cool, faux wood metal file box, I now own five. I have big plans for these and will be sharing that soon.

Dennison gummy things, various journaling spots, faux wood book ends, and an awesome vintage book on filing, swoon!

Stacks of sweet books for art journal makings, except for the green one, “The Good Earth”. That one will go into my classic movie collection, a great movie with Paul Muni, LOVE!

GAMES! What do you think of those round playing cards! I’m hoping to put together a “Games” ephemera pack sometime soon, I think I’m ready!

I’m always on the lookout for these retro flatware trays, they make great drawer organizers for the bathroom and office. That box with the red lid is a picnic container. A good friend of mine gave me some of those a few years ago and I love them.

Now to the real organization…

I had recently found a good use for the many wooden spools I have collected, organizing my jute and bakers twine. I had all this in about three or four different places. So, I was super tickled to have come up with this…but it gets better!

My new tag making kit!

This is probably the most excited I have been about organizing in a long time!

I make, and use, a lot of tags in my shoppe and art journals. Having everything in one place is amazing. I took what was in about 8 different places, and put them into one! Seriously, they were everywhere.

I may have a few more tags hiding somewhere around the house, but I still have room in there.

Now you know why I love these Wilholds so much, think of all the possibilities. So, if you ever run across one of these in the thrift store, I hope you won’t pass it up. Even if it is missing the trays, they make really cute storage boxes.

I’m still working on my olive green Wilhold, I’ll share as soon as it’s up and running.

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Thrifty Thursday…with Wilhold Love!

Okey Dokey, it looks like the Wilhold angels smiled upon me again! Cue angels singing!

…and once again there was some poor soul standing between me and my treasure. Heart pounding, I squeezed passed her and tried to look casual. She smiled sweetly at me knowing we were both in our “Happy Place”, while she contentedly perused the fabric selection. My tribe!


A root beer colored Wilhold! I hear music…do you hear music!?

She’s smaller than average, but that makes her even more precious. A few cracks and some wear and tear, but I’ll take good care of her!

When I showed her to my husband, he actually had the nerve to ask me how many Wilholds I have. I started to count…he lost interest. Do I ask him how many fishing poles he has? He wishes I was that interested! Now if these were tackle boxes…but I digress.


I decided that this would be perfect for organizing my Stitched Journal makings. I had been keeping all this in a vintage suitcase for years, I’m really not sure why this didn’t occur to me sooner.


A perfect fit! A lot of the embellishments are in neutrals for this journal, I went a little haywire on the fabric color choices, and felt it needed some toning down.


How fun is that!  This has worked out so well, I was inspired to get a couple of pages done.


A blinged up window box…with one flower…don’t judge…it was fun.

IMG_2870Very much like my art journals, I like to rummage around to see what inspires me. Having things organized, and being able to see what I have to work with, really makes things flow a lot better!


These little stitched journals are great to have on hand in the evening when you just want to be creative, but don’t want to get out a bunch of supplies and create a mess. You can put your own stitched journal kit together with an inexpensive sewing box, a plastic crafting container, or even a tool box.

Having your embellishments an tools organized is the best way to go, I highly recommend it!

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Thrifty Book Finds

I had the best luck the other day! On a whim, I stopped into a thrift shop by my mother’s place and found the sweetest books at the best price I could have imagined!


50 cents each! That one in the front is from 1907! It doesn’t have any colored illustrations, but I just love it!


Here are a couple of pages from two of these books. These books are so old they are slightly falling apart, so they may have to sit on a shelf for a while until I figure out how I’m going use them.


Three more. How cute are those! And the illustrations are just gorgeous!


Lastly, these two. I would love to have a collection of vintage “The Christmas Carol” books! I have another one, but took it apart to make a journal out of  and have regretted it ever since. (In my defense, at least I read the book before I took it apart)


So, let’s drink a toast to Uncle Scrooge and finding a treasure trove of great vintage books!

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A New “Junk” Planner

You may remember a post I did back at the beginning of August about my thrifted office supplies, all browns and blacks…hmmm.

Well, the black number has had a make over…


How’s that for a little color!? It’s filled with discards from other planners that I have since redecorated, so it was super easy to put together, and boy was it fun!


The idea behind this planner is to have a place to jot down ideas for all my other planners, there is a section for each one. That macaroon folder looking thing holds more post-its. Love!

Some cuteness that was sent to me by the lovely Christy Tomlinson from her planner giveaway in March.

If you would have told me I would require this many planners just six months ago, I would have been speechless! But, not only are they super fun to decorate, they are actually keeping me organized…which is the point…I think?! Besides, this one only cost me $1.49, and all that decor was just wasting away in a drawer! Win!


Anything goes in this planner, rainbow colors seem to be the theme. It is going to be so much fun to thrown caution to the wind and just play in this thing! I may even use up some stickers!


There were just enough homeless dividers to cover all of my planners. As you can see, I want to buy a new planner for the home. I really didn’t think I needed another one, but there are still so many things I need to get done around the house, and it would be so much easier to have a place to stuff all those post-its and scrap pieces of paper!

Well, I’m off to visit my daughter and grandson, and you know this sweet thing will be going with me! See you at the end of the week.

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