Thrifty Book Finds

I had the best luck the other day! On a whim, I stopped into a thrift shop by my mother’s place and found the sweetest books at the best price I could have imagined!


50 cents each! That one in the front is from 1907! It doesn’t have any colored illustrations, but I just love it!


Here are a couple of pages from two of these books. These books are so old they are slightly falling apart, so they may have to sit on a shelf for a while until I figure out how I’m going use them.


Three more. How cute are those! And the illustrations are just gorgeous!


Lastly, these two. I would love to have a collection of vintage “The Christmas Carol” books! I have another one, but took it apart to make a journal out of  and have regretted it ever since. (In my defense, at least I read the book before I took it apart)


So, let’s drink a toast to Uncle Scrooge and finding a treasure trove of great vintage books!

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A New “Junk” Planner

You may remember a post I did back at the beginning of August about my thrifted office supplies, all browns and blacks…hmmm.

Well, the black number has had a make over…


How’s that for a little color!? It’s filled with discards from other planners that I have since redecorated, so it was super easy to put together, and boy was it fun!


The idea behind this planner is to have a place to jot down ideas for all my other planners, there is a section for each one. That macaroon folder looking thing holds more post-its. Love!

Some cuteness that was sent to me by the lovely Christy Tomlinson from her planner giveaway in March.

If you would have told me I would require this many planners just six months ago, I would have been speechless! But, not only are they super fun to decorate, they are actually keeping me organized…which is the point…I think?! Besides, this one only cost me $1.49, and all that decor was just wasting away in a drawer! Win!


Anything goes in this planner, rainbow colors seem to be the theme. It is going to be so much fun to thrown caution to the wind and just play in this thing! I may even use up some stickers!


There were just enough homeless dividers to cover all of my planners. As you can see, I want to buy a new planner for the home. I really didn’t think I needed another one, but there are still so many things I need to get done around the house, and it would be so much easier to have a place to stuff all those post-its and scrap pieces of paper!

Well, I’m off to visit my daughter and grandson, and you know this sweet thing will be going with me! See you at the end of the week.

Until then…

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A Thrifting Post

The first thrifting post on my new blog! The reason why it’s been such a long time , is because I put myself on a thrifting diet. And when you see what I brought home, you may wish I’d get back on the wagon! Eye candy it isn’t!


A faux wood grain metal box, reminiscent of my childhood. I was obsessed with sewing paraphernalia and office supplies as a kid. I could sit for hours looking through desk drawers and sewing boxes, I still can.


The largest version of these office items I had ever seen! It’s hard to tell from the photo, but those binder and paper clips are huge!


I’m starting to get a small collection of random vintage office supplies. I just love the packaging, I don’t know if I’ll ever use any of it, but at least I can keep it safe, probably in my faux woodgrain metal box.


But this is going on my desk! I’ve decided that I have too much color going on in my art room, and some natural elements might tone it down a bit. Although, faux wood may not count as a natural element in some circles.


And then, two extremely boring planners. I could’t pass them up for $1.50 each, they’re in great shape too. The one at the bottom is a Pellettieri Fiorentini and as far as I can tell from the inter webs, they make fine Italian leather goods. The black one is “Running Mate” Day Planner.

Well, there’s that. Hopefully, the next time I write a thrifting post it will have real eye candy.

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