Finding Encouragement

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

~Maya Angelou

My daughter has said this quote to me many times over the years, and right now I’m taking it to heart.

In a world full of “Influencers”, I want to follow the “Encouragers”! The people that gently nudge you to follow your heart out of a genuinely caring heart.

I recently revisited someone who I have been following for less than a year, you may know her The Unexpected Gypsy, she’s pretty huge on YouTube. Well, I watched her latest video the other day, and it helped me look at journaling in a new way. Not just art journaling, but journaling in general. She has to be one of the most caring people I’ve ever come across on social media. She has a great style of art journaling, but more importantly, she just wants to share her love of art and encourage you to nurture your creativity in whatever way that brings you joy.

“Audio Journaling”

I have had a habit over the years of talking into the “record” app on my phone when I’m driving by myself, something I used to do a lot when I was commuting from house to house. Back then it was ideas for my shoppe or social media, but it morphed into just getting thoughts out of my head.

Wendy (the unexpected gypsy) shared that she considers her thoughts a kind of journaling. What! Now that’s thinking outside the box! To me that means all those ramblings into my phone could be considered journaling. So, instead of erasing them (which I do almost immediately) I listened. (you can’t complain that nobody listens to you if you’re not willing to listen to your self! Lol!)

My biggest take-away is that journaling is what you make it, call it, or how you use it…it’s up to you!

Getting back to my original point via Maya’s quote, I find that my pages tend to remind me of how I felt at the time I created them. I love looking through my journals and remembering that I took some time to just be me.

“Currently Me”

An eclectic mix of papers, colorful paint, a hose image that reminds me of how much time we spend watering our lawn, the rescued bits from a journal that I repurposed, the masked chicken…not sure about the meaning there. Anyway, a little like my “stream of consciousness” audio notes, layered, semi organized, and in the end, grateful.

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C.C Idea Book: Inclusions

In this particular style of journal, I added a smaller paper piece for some variety…and to use up paper scraps. Here are just a few ideas on how to decorate smaller inclusions in your journals.

I’m still using Kelly Bangs’ “Let’s get Crafty” collection. Seriously, I only purchased the paper pad and a stencil, and I still have tons leftover!

Anyway, I started this page with some heart stenciling. This particular stencil is from Vicki Boutin and may be discontinued but I found this Heart Stencil on Amazon, which I really like too.

The idea here was to try out a “Hexie Page” in this style of journal. I have tried many versions of Cutie Keepers (see my “Idea Book: Themed” blog post), but I have high hopes for this art journal version.

I love setting the hexes then filling the gaps with Kelly B.s florals and stickers.

A journaling page

When I use single sided paper in my journals, I like to print graph or dot grid on the blank side to journal on, and then decorate it up of course.

Some of this vintage ephemera has been bouncing around my craft room for years. That rooster looks like he’s telling the youngin’s to shut the heck up! “Seriously, one more peep outta you guys!”

I used Kelly Bangs “Southern Charm” for this page spread. Love my cowgirl cluster!

The sticker underneath the clip says “Free Range”, perfect!

Somebody tell me why I sent this journal off again!

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C.C.Idea Book: Pocket Pages

Let’s do Pockets! Truth be told, I like making them even more than I like using them.

Hmmmmm…..interesting disclaimer.

A mix of Kelly Bangs’ “Let’s Get Crafty” and the “God For All Seasons“* collections

I guess could call this pocket a “horizontal” tuck spot. Just a torn piece of paper with a little decor. Clearly I’m a huge fan of tags, all of these were cut from the “LGC” collections scrapbook paper, holes punched, corners rounded, ribbon, yarn, twine…yeah, that’s how we do it!

I know that there are a lot of new and fun creative ideas for how to use a lot of this crafty paper stuff out there, and I think that’s awesome! But, those of us that really need to tuck in and use up some of our stash just need to get on it. It’s okay to keep it simple!

Paint chip tag in a library pocket

My base layer is as follows: a layers of gesso and paint, adhere some tissue paper with a glue stick (super easy), add a bright paper piece.

Decor: A tag made from a paint chip from the paint department (I never leave the local DIY without a handful!), washi tape, yarn, and a journaling spot adhered to the back. Ink stamped kraft colored paper with an ampersand and randomly punched with a circle punch, a paper doily, a large flower cut from scrapbook paper, and mixed of course with more pieces from Kelly’s collections.

Another Library pocket

Decorated with vintage ephemera, a scrapbook paper flower, a paper doily, tissue paper, and a mix of Kelly’s “Let’s Get Crafty” and “Southern Charm“* collections. One of my favorite uses for page tabs is on the tops of journaling cards. It’s decorative and easy to grab, and there’s room for a phrase/word strip.

This is the back cover to my journal. I made a “vertical” tuck spot with paper from Kelly B.’s June “Project Gr8tful“* papers…

…and stuffed some post cards in it.

You can store Happy Mail in there or use the backside of the card for journaling.

These were made with the usual suspects, scrapbook paper flowers, digital paper from Kelly Bangs and embellished with her “Let’s Get Crafty”* collection.

This journal was so much fun to put together and decorate. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments, or if you’re a “Cutie” tag me in the app.

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*I hope sharing collection names isn’t too tedious at this point, but I’d hate to leave out information if someone pops into these blog posts in the middle of the series. So, thank you for your patience on this point.

C.C Idea Book: She’s Sew Crafty

This was by far one of my favorite page spreads to work on!

Ingredients: Sewing pattern paper, Kelly Bangs’ “Let’s Get Crafty” collection, and…well, that’s about it!

Actually, I added some white paper doilies to fill space. My pages tend to get a bit busy and I really wanted to pop the hexes I cut out of that scrapbook paper you see in the background. The tag was a paper piece from another sheet of paper from this collection. I just trimmed it, punched a hole at the top, added the spool ephemera, a flower and a phrase strip. Boom, done!

As you can see, I added a bit of embroidery thread to the tag for a fun touch. That’s my idea of mixed media! When you break my pages down you realize they are actually pretty simple. Just a bit of layering with elements pulled to the edge of the page to give an illusion of movement, pulling your eyes around the page…well at least that’s the best way I can explain it.

As usual, if you need clarification please leave a question in the comments. Sometime I don’t even know what I’m talking about!

I hope you are liking this series as much as I am!

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C.C. Idea Book: Themed Pages

This blog post is about some of the ways I’ve used my TN style art journals over the years. I’ve moved from the “traditional” 8.25″x 4″ size to the larger approx. 8.5″x 5.5″ size. I love the larger size! If you are interested in how I make the larger size TN journal, leave a comment and I’ll see what I can come up with.

“Cutie Keeper”:

The Fussy Cuttin’ Cuties group have what they call “A Cutie Keeper”, a place where we “keep” all the projects that we participate throughout the month.

On the left is our monthly calendar, our activities at a glance. On the right is a montage from our “Take Me Away Day” ephemera. Every month we go on a virtual vacation, in June we went to Spain.

Having a page filled with the “TMAD” ephemera is just a fun way to remember the experience of attending a ‘live’ with Paula G. and Kelly B., it’s an hour or so of chatting with friends, fun facts, and a lot of laughter!

“Project Gr8tful”

Hosted by the wonderful Larissa Traquair, designed by Kelly Bangs, and available at Illustrated Faith.* Larrissa has a group on Facebook where she shares more about this awesome project.

On this page spread I used pages from a vintage hymnal, a vintage children’s book image, ephemera from Kelly Bangs’ “Southern Charm” collection, and the labels from Illustrated Faith/Kelly’s “July Gr8tful Bits“, a large circle punch and a small green doily. I use Google Docs to write out my “#words” to print on clear label paper.

“Memory Keeping”

I started with a layer of gesso, added a torn piece of scrapbook paper on each side of the page spread to pull them together, then added a layer of tissue paper across both pages. I matted the two photos on the left on one piece of paper. The photo on the bottom is only adhered on three sides so I could slip a tag with info about the photo into it. On the right, I matted them separately with a tag and a small paper piece. Then decorated them with some of Kelly’s “Southern Charm” collection and a few die cuts from my stash.


Ingredients: Tissue paper, vintage children’s book image, Kelly Bangs “Southern Charm” collection, the list is from Kelly’s “Let’s Get Crafty” collection, and a white paper doily*, pretty simple.

I hope this post has inspired you to use your journals in some new ways.

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* the links are for your convenience, not my paltry bank account 🙂