C.C Idea Book: Quote Page

“The way I see it, if you want rainbows, you got to put up with the rain.” ~Dolly Parton

Need I say more!

One of the things I like to use my journals for is Quotes, I love quotes…and it’s another excuse to play around in my journals!

This is a small collection of supplies I decided to use for this page spread, Kelly Bangs’ “Let’s Get Crafty” line by Simple Stories. (I highly recommend scrolling to the bottom of the Simple Stories website for some deals), a quote from the interwebs, florals from Kelly’s “Sunshiney Day” collection, tissue paper, a couple of tags I punched out of painted card stock, and stickers from my stash. I decided to go with a rainbow theme for obvious reasons.

I prepped my pages by scraping on a layer of white gesso to blend the background a bit, white paint works too. I like to do this when working on pages that don’t match to make them a little more cohesive. Then I added some heart stenciling for a pop of color. I like to stencil off the edge of the page because I will most likely cover a lot of it up with embellishments. If you cover more than you had originally intended, you can always go back over your work with more stenciling.

This stencil is from Vicki Boutin and may be discontinued, but I found this one at the Amazons:

Heart Stencil

So there were a couple of add ons here: a plastic adhesive pocket I got at the Target “Dollar Spot” many moons ago (they have quite a selection on the Amazons too), a journaling card made from a vintage playing card with a page tab, and a little heart shaped die cut.

As you can see, these little pockets hold quite a bit. There are three tags in there, and I’m sure I could get more in there. I love that little sticker on the outside of the pocket from Kelly’s collection to add a little depth.

Well, that’s it for my “Rainbow Quote Page”. I hope you will come back for the other installments of my “Idea Book”.

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Cutie Camp “Idea Book”

Paula G. and Kelly B. of the “Fussy Cuttin’ Cuties” are hosting their annual Cutie Camp this week. I was not able to attend, but I still wanted to participate in some way, so I sent a care package with lots of art journals and decorating supplies to Paula to take to the campers. I thought it would be fun to do a kind of art journaling class remotely, so I put together this little art journal filled with pages of ideas to send along. Well, it started out little…it grew to about 3 inches thick when it was finished!

I used a lot of Kelly Bangs printables in this journal, and I will try to include the collection’s name and relevant links with each photo.* Her designs are so much fun to mix with vintage ephemera and your favorite scrapbook paper. (actually, that’s this journal in a nutshell!)

There are a lot of us that are not going to be able to attend camp in person, so I suggested that they have virtual camp along with the in person camp. They loved the idea and ran with it, it is officially called “Camp Fomo”! And that is the brainchild behind taking loads of photos of this Idea Book and sharing it here for all us in “Camp Fomo”.

The first page spread is lots of pockets. A handmade library pocket with a journaling card on the left, and a couple of torn paper tuck spots on the right.

I have an envelope punch board from “We R Memory Keepers” that I use to make my custom sized envelopes. I made my own library pocket template, but there are a ton of free library pocket templates online, just google it. It’s a great way to use up scraps, and it’s something to do while listening to an audio book or your favorite podcast.

Another envelope page, a great place to stash embellishments. I used a small heart shaped die cut for the closure.

You are going to see a lot of Kelly Bang’s “Southern Charm” in this journal, the colors are just gorgeous!

Well, that’s it for now. I just wanted to share a little introduction to this series of blog posts. I blocked all of my “Idea Book” blog posts by theme and there will be seven blog posts in total over the next week or so, so stay tuned.

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*footnote: no links in my blog posts are affiliated, that’s too much work 😉

Well, I did A Thing…

…and then I did another thing!

After much deliberation, I decided that was time to make a few decisions about what I spend my time on. With my husband having retired, living closer to my daughter and grandson, and needing to work on my house, my time has really become a precious commodity.

There are all those things that tend to linger in the back of one’s mind about what projects are really worth the time, and social media just kept creeping to the back burner…actually, behind the stove and gathering dust bunnies!

I spent the last couple of months staying off social media to ponder about how I wanted to downsize the whole thing. As you can see, my Blog made the cut! But my Instagram and Facebook did not. Facebook gives you a 30 day grace period to change your mind…I didn’t need 30 days!

I’m still thinking about my YouTube channel, editing videos is super time consuming, so that’s still on hold.

About my blog:

I’ve decided that I’d really rather post anything creative that I’m working on here rather than dealing with the META algorithms, truth be told, I’m too lazy to play along with them anymore.

So, for the foreseeable future I will be changing things up a bit. Because I don’t have as much time to work on art projects that I used to, I’ll post when I can. The project I really need to work on is Memory Keeping, so I will be sharing my progress and documenting tips and ideas. Also, I belong to a group called Fussy Cuttin’ Cuties (here’s a link to their app) They are a super fun group that have online retreats, printables and “lives”, it’s a very active group! I’m pretty involved with them and will be posting photos of projects now and again. I made a journal for their “Cutie Camp” and will be sharing that over the next week or so.

I just wanted to check back in and let you know what’s been going on, my thoughts about my best social media fit, and where my blog is headed. Thank you all for following my blog ramblings through the years, and I hope you will stick around for a little newness.

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YouTube Videos: Due To Technical Difficulties…

Last weekend I did some editing on a video that tied up my computer for the rest of the week, and I think I know what went wrong, so hopefully that won’t be happening again…I think.

Because my computer was otherwise engaged, I am behind on all my projects and project sharing, so let’s get started!

I had more fun with this page than I have in a very long time! I pulled out some of my favorite techniques from my first few years of art journaling. It’s a slower process with all the paint, mediums, and layers, but a much more satisfying result.

I realize that putting this much time into a page in a journal that will probably just sit closed on a shelf may seem like a waste of resources, but getting back to this style has inspired me to work on a few art pieces. As a matter of fact I have one almost finished right now.

If you would like to see the video of this page’s process, the video is right here:

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This Week’s Pages and Thoughts

This has been a big week for journal pages! So, I’m going to just get right to it…

The first part of the week I was feeling like I just wanted to hide under the covers.

Or take cover, this has been a really sad and scary week!

My brain felt a little like this, a bit of a twisted jumble.

I needed a safe place to write down my feelings, so I added a pocket page …

…with lots of room for journaling. As the week progressed and I got my thoughts on paper, things seemed to improve a bit.

Another way to express feelings on paper.

I’m still wrestling with sleep, but improvements are happening.

This was supposed to be a video, but too many tech. issues got in the way

The fairy girl was an add on after the video was up, Mister Mouse looked like he needed a fellow traveler.

If you would like to see my process of this page, the link is in the sidebar. There is a part 2 in the works, but right now I’m going to put my feet up…and maybe under the covers.

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