Page Process Video Up!

Yay, I can’t believe I finally did it!

I’ve been working my tuchus off all week putting together my art room, while also destroying the other rooms I’m working on. But I was so excited to finally finish up my art room, with a much more convenient area to make videos, I made one! ๐Ÿ™‚

Happiness Dance!

I have several junk journals I’m in the middle of as per usual, and I know I said I’d try to work on one at a time to finish them up, but where’s the fun in that?


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My Happy Planner BUJO Plans

One of the things I love the most about the new year is that it feels like a clean slate, therefore lots of ideas and plans, but this year started without my regular planner supplies, and I didn’t want to buy a bunch of stuff when I have plenty of options back home. So, I decided to try to make due with what was available here in “Ye Town of Small Options”.

I’m using some of the pages from the Happy Planner Journals.ย The original idea was to have a place to jot down a list or two. I had started out in the smaller one, but quickly found I needed to up-size to the larger pages.

The first page is a month grid, it helps to know how the days are landing, and a great way to use some of my Sassy stickers!

The next section is the important dates to remember by week. January had close to 5 weeks, so I just improvised. Which is the the thing I love the most about Bullet Journaling, you can customize it to your style and what’s going on that month.

These are my “list” categories for the month. They will always change depending on what’s going on. Usually, I have pages of lists that I refer to, or at least hope to, but having all my lists on a single page spread works much better for me.

My first “Week on 2 Pages” of the year, and I’m loving it! I really don’t feel as if I have to make boxes every week. If I don’t have time, I’m fine with just making a list and decorating is totally optional.

Now, I realize that this isn’t the authentic style of Bullet Journaling, and I’m not sure If I will always take the time to draw everything out every month, but I’m going to give it a shot. I always have the original Happy Planner pages to fall back on if I get bored or lazy.

I tried to be thorough with my descriptions here, if not, please feel free to ask any questions in the comments. I made a supplies list down at the bottom of this post.

I’m driving back over the passes today, wish me luck!

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Small Happy Planner Guided Journal

Large Happy Planner Guided Journal

Happy Planner “Simply Lovely” sticker book

Happy Planner “Sassy Plans” sticker book

*I bought most of this with a coupon at Michael’s and Joann’s

**These are NOT affiliated links, I just wanted to helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

The Mystery of the Neighborly Neighbors!

Yesterday I woke up to a wonderful surprise! I knew it had been snowing all night, and the first thing I thought when I opened my eyes was “I better get up and shovel the sidewalk”. So, I get up to check out what I had in store…and somebody else had already done it…before 8:00 in the morning!

Well, I couldn’t let this kind deed go unnoticed, so I decided to put together a little Thank You.

You may remember this lot from a few months ago.

Aha I thought! The perfect gift!

So, I gathered what I could find to cobble this gift, the jars (of course), bakers twine, dictionary pages, and various dรฉcor to cover the “Happy Birthday” on the only bag I had.

I knew I didn’t want to hassle with trying to adhere paper to that bag, so I printed a design from a scrapbook paper download I had purchased from Etsy onto some sticker paper. Thenย I found some paper with some metallic designs, a label from Joann’s clearance bins, a Tim Holtz butterfly, and a little wordstrip.

I stuffed the jars and card into my little bag, threw on a scarf, and trudged over to the nieghbor’s house…this is where it gets interesting…

…my neighbor didn’t know what the heck I was talking about, and he tried handing my bag back!

Here’s the crazy bit! Not only was my sidewalk shoveled, but my driveway, the path to my house, the neighbor on the other side of me, and the neighbor two houses down! I asked him if he thought maybe his wife had done it, (she wasn’t home at the time), and he said she didn’t mention anything to him about it.

Now I don’t know about you, but if I had done all that shoveling, the first thing I would do was take a picture and send it to my husband…maybe post it on Instagram…or even write a blog post about it. Heck, I’d do all that if I only shoveled my OWN yard!

“It’s a mystery Shaggy”

Anyway, I needed to thank them for the Christmas gifty bag they brought us during the Holidays, so there you go, but I’d still like to thank the right person!

Oh well, I just wanted to share because I had so much fun putting this together with what I could find around the house. Hope you enjoyed my little story!

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Happy New Year…plus 2 weeks!


Ahhhh…the best laid plans!

This was how it was supposed to go: Drive over to the eastside, get the house decorated for the Holidays, shop, catch up, celebrate, go home…that was the plan. Now, I knew that the weather might be a little tricky, but I didn’t expect to be snowbound for going on 3 weeks!

Luckily I brought my Advent journal along with a decent variety of embellishments. But, in my infinite wisdom, I packed most of my art supplies to the westside last fall, and now I have next to nothing but Christmas themed embellishments to work with.

I pulled all non-Christmas themed pieces out and have slowly added some new items to the mix. I’ve been toying with the idea of only working in one junk journal at a time and finishing it up before moving on to a new one for a while now, looks like that’s a go!

And since it is still winter, most of the pages in this journal are relevant.

The craft supply shopping in this little town we’re retiring to is extremely limited, so I’ve been sneaking in into craft stores to plump up my stash a bit when out looking for wedding dresses with my daughter. (that’s a whole other story!)

The other side of this story is trying to keep from accumulating more stuff right now. We’re going to have to fit our other house into this much smaller one in a couple of years, and I’m supposed to be downsizing!

Although I’ve managed to be very strategic with my purchases, the problem with organization reared it’s inconvenient head. These are some filing boxes I picked up at the local thrift store I thought might work.

I made little file folders out of cardstock. The larger files hold vintage ephemera and the smaller ones hold store bought ephemera. I haven’t committed to labling them yet, I’m not sure I’ll need to…I just really needed to clean off my desk!Some examples of what I’ve been able to accumilate.

Clockwise from the top: Tim Holtz ephemera from Amazon, mics. paper pad ephemera “Shake It Chic” from Michael’s, stickers from Hobby Lobby, vintage magazine images, and various book images.

So, the plan from here, as soon as the passes clear, is to divide up as much of my stash as possible between both houses. Then put some yummy de-stash packs in my shoppe at a reduced price and share the love!

Also, I will be hosting some giveaways throughout the year to help this plan along, so stay tuned for that and tell your friends!

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