A Thrifting Post

The first thrifting post on my new blog! The reason why it’s been such a long time , is because I put myself on a thrifting diet. And when you see what I brought home, you may wish I’d get back on the wagon! Eye candy it isn’t!


A faux wood grain metal box, reminiscent of my childhood. I was obsessed with sewing paraphernalia and office supplies as a kid. I could sit for hours looking through desk drawers and sewing boxes, I still can.


The largest version of these office items I had ever seen! It’s hard to tell from the photo, but those binder and paper clips are huge!


I’m starting to get a small collection of random vintage office supplies. I just love the packaging, I don’t know if I’ll ever use any of it, but at least I can keep it safe, probably in my faux woodgrain metal box.


But this is going on my desk! I’ve decided that I have too much color going on in my art room, and some natural elements might tone it down a bit. Although, faux wood may not count as a natural element in some circles.


And then, two extremely boring planners. I could’t pass them up for $1.50 each, they’re in great shape too. The one at the bottom is a Pellettieri Fiorentini and as far as I can tell from the inter webs, they make fine Italian leather goods. The black one is “Running Mate” Day Planner.

Well, there’s that. Hopefully, the next time I write a thrifting post it will have real eye candy.

Until then, thanks for stopping by,

Have a great day,


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