My Daily Planner Makeover

I haven’t talked about this planner for quite some time now. It is my “daily” planner, a place that everything goes from my weekly planners. I always have lots of ideas for the week. But, on a daily basis anything can happen to side track what I think I can do. Too little sleep, last minute plans for the weekend, sudden creative inspiration. When these things happen, I want to have the flexibility to rearrange my week, and still get stuff done!

And, since I open this up six out of seven days a week, I thought it could do with a bit of an up-grade.


I had decorated this one in primary colors to begin with, but now that I’m finding my own personal style in planner decorating, it’s time to change things up!  I love using bright colors combined with muted tones!


Also, I am finding that I want to use it even more now that it reflects my style. It’s probably very common for all of us to copy other creative styles until we find our own footing, I do it all the time. What a wonderful feeling to find my way home!

I used some retro playing cards to wrap my washi tape around. The flower and “rag” paperclips are a recent obsession, a fun movie watching activity.


And I’d say this was a pretty appropriate quote to have on my dashboard! I love this awesome paper by Basic Grey with the pretty taupes and bright colors!


I made new dividers too, post its and such stick better if you laminate the divider. A single sheet of clear contact paper usually does the trick and is a pretty inexpensive alternative to buying a laminator. You can find this paper by Studio Calico at


I had recently taught myself how to make inserts after working on a commissioned project. I usually purchase my daily planner inserts online, and found them very useful, but really needed them to be more personalized to my needs. So, I thought I would try my hand at making my own.

This is one of those sidetracks I get on to some days that throws my weekly plans right out of the window, and why I have to plan daily! I don’t really need the date on each one,  but it sure is handy to know what day it is, and this mini monthly calendar keeps me on track.


Finally, there is this handy pocket page. Love this paper!

I have purchased quite a few planners over the last few months, and I do use them, although not as often as I would like to admit. Knowing they all need redecorating, I’m sure they will all start getting used more often. I will be sure to post about them as they each get their make-overs.

Once again, thank you for your time,

Have a great week,


(p.s. if I figure out how to make a pdf of daily page, I’ll let you know)

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