Finding My Voice

Hey friends! Yes, it’s been a long time…again. As we know priorities shift all the time, selling our house and moving across the state shifted mine quite a bit.

But, something else rocked my boat over the last few weeks that I wanted to share.

I’m not usually one of those people that put my deep thoughts out there, I like to ‘keep it light’ so to speak. I had always felt there were enough people out there “sharing”, but some of those “sharings” hit too close to home.

A lot of things have happened this year to make us all pause and take stock, or at least I hope so. A pandemic, division and unrest, and now raging wildfires. I’m writing this literally in a cloud of smoke!

All of these things have made me feel squeezed in. It’s one thing to not be able to have the freedoms we had just six months ago, but now a large swathe of the country can’t even go outside!

And in the middle of it all, my heart was broken.

So, I guess you can say the “squeezings” have forced me to bring up an uncomfortable subject, discrimination. Discrimination is another form of division, a division to make ourselves comfortable in uncertain times, or maybe to cast ourselves above or seemingly “better” than others. But no matter what our motivations are for discriminating against another “group”, it is ALWAYS destructive!

I want to share what my experience was only because this maybe one of those things that cruises under the radar for many folks, and will most likely change some of my content and how I share it.

Someone who I thought was my friend, (that shall remain anonymous out of respect), posted something on social media that was extremely Anti-Catholic, to the point of calling the Pope the “Anti-Christ”. There are many people who disagree the Catholic Church and there are many legitimate reasons why, I get that, our church has many issues that it needs to address, just like many other churches and faiths do…along with the rest of the world for that matter.

But, if we really want to make this a better world for our children, and they are ALL our children, let’s start with respect for one another and not hide behind the lie of thinking we know what’s best for the rest of the world! Let’s stop spreading lies under the umbrella “spreading the truth”.

I’ve decided to be more open and up front about how I’m feeling because this is just one thing going on with me that I feel strongly about, and lines in a journal aren’t enough to make me feel better about them. If I have to become an advocate for my faith, share my feelings about our lack of true leadership in this country, global warming, or anything else that might rub someone’s fur the wrong way to find my voice, that’s what I’m going to do.

(this is where you can exercise your freedom of choice)

I have been a life long recycler and conservationist wherever I can. I’ve done everything I can think of to keep this planet healthy, so I’m going to add prayer…I’ll let you know how that goes.

If you made it this far on my blog post, I thank you! If you have decided to unsubscribe to my blog, you have my blessing.

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A Different Kind of Gratitude Journal

It has been a long time! I’ve been spending most of my time cleaning, organizing, and stocking up like the rest of the world. Isn’t a strange thing to be doing the same thing the whole world is doing. This virus really makes the world seem a lot smaller!

That being said, we have been self-quarenteening for three weeks now. Well, my husband has, I still go out for supplies now and again. And because I’m keeping that to a minimum, I’m trying to use my crafty stash as much as possible.

It probably sounds silly, but I find myself staring into space, pondering the current circumstances and as I look around the room, my eyes land on these little vignettes of happy!

So, I decided out of a sense of gratitude for my surroundings to take some snapshots and put them in a journal. I’ve been doing a lot of journaling through this in my lined journals, you know, the heavy stuff, but I wanted a fun place for my happy journaling.

“Trust” happens to be “my word for the year”, appropriate I would say!

Not only do I find some of my little vignettes inspiring, but also soothing.

Also, this is an awesome project if there is a little de-cluttering or dusting that needs doing!

Are there any inspiring, comforting, or grateful memories in your world that you like to document right now? If yes, I highly recommend trying this out, you could even create pocket pages with journaling cards.

I’ve been taking lots of pics and have come up with some fun ideas for decor in here, I’ll be sharing some of those soon. Also, I have a few new projects I’m working on right now, hopefully I’ll be sharing those soon too.

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New Video Up!

Hey friends! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve posted another video on my YouTube channel 

This is one of the journals I made last week for my shoppe that didn’t make it in because I fell in love with it! I’ll share a little more about it when I’ve worked on more pages…

…speaking of which!

This is the page spread I worked on in my video. If you would like to see the process, I’d love to see you!

I’m on my way back over the mountains before the snow hits them.

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Shoppe Newness

Between moving rooms, then cleaning and decorating, I’ve decided it was time to pay a little attention to my shoppe. It’s funny how digging deep into clutter can inspire you!

(*be sure to get to the bottom of this post for an awesome announcement!)

I had a specific request to make some journals out of non-children’s books. Any ideas on what to call those other than “Adult” books? I can’t go there, I don’t even want to think about the trouble that will cause!

Go here for more details: Art Journals

This is one of my favorite things to make, “Surprise Packs”! 70+ pieces of vintage goodness!

Go here for more details: Surprise Packs

“Springtime” ephemera packs, filled with lots of fun spring related bits and bobs!

Go here for more details: Ephemera packs

*Awesome announcement:

Any purchase $35 and over from my shoppe gets Free Shipping! Yay!

I have been making great progress on my new creative space, but there are a few more fun little touches I need to make, and I’ll be sure to share some photos here when I’m finished.

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“Daniel Boone” Journal Video No.2

I have to say, I’m really having fun working in this journal! At first the size felt a little daunting, but I’m working my way up to it being a lot more comfortable.

Although, I have to say that using pockets on a page helps a bunch!

If you would like to see how this page came together, pop on over to my YouTube Channel!

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