Mini Art Journals

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared about my mini journals, mostly because it’s been a long time since I’ve “worked” in them. I stopped writing in my art journals because sharing my journaling was leaving me feeling a bit over exposed. So I came up with this little gem.

It’s filled with freebies and inexpensive “$1 Bin” journals. The card at the left is a postcard covered in contact paper that I use to place between the pages to have something sturdy to write on.

Here’s a nifty trick you may or may not know about, these clips make perfect pen holders!

These little journals are the perfect place to use up those stickers and washi that have become less than inspiring (“in other words what was I thinking?”) but you don’t want to waste good money. I prep my pages ahead of time in the evening in front of a favorite movie. It’s kind of a no-brainer project after a log day.

I’m awful about writing in a straight line, especially if I have something on my mind I really need to get down on paper. So, I put washi in random places on the pages to help guide my pen, and the stickers are just a fun addition.

Just like in a book, a tag is a great way to highlight a thought.

Here’s my little collection, the three in the front are more art journals with a little bit of journaling. I’ve figured to a way to share these with out sharing my journaling,  so I will be writing a post about these later.

This is what I keep my minis in. It’s the perfect size to sit next to my bed if I need to hash out an idea or get something off my mind. I’m still working on the organization of it, I’ll share my progress on that later too.

I hope this inspires you to use up some supplies in an inexpensive, but fun way!

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Holiday Journal Sharings

The Holidays are behind us, but I finally finished my Holiday journal, thanks to my new habit of jotting down notes in a small notebook. So, before we get too far into the New Year…


I used up quite a few Christmas related items that I have been hanging onto for many years. The tag at the top left is from Christmas card makings 8 or so years ago.

I now own about 12 classic Christmas movies on dvd, I usually have them playing in the background all through December. “The Man Who Came To Dinner” is a particular favorite!

It just goes to show that if you hold onto something long enough, it will find a home…at least that’s what I tell myself!


I’m afraid my pages became much simpler as time marched on, it became a matter of wanting to get the memories down more than decorating.

That stamped piece at the bottom right is a leftover from the first annual Christmas card making session with my daughter. Something that is now a Christmas ritual, Love! And that sweet angel is from a wonderful package of Happy Mail from a dear friend Judy. Thank you Judy!

Memories upon memories, the best!


Just a few memories here, and a page decorated with the sweet Christmas Happy Mail from Jenny!

IMG_1374As you can see here, not much to say. Sometimes a photo says it all!

I am well and truly happy to say I finished this journal, it was a bit touch and go there for a while. I was contemplating sharing this next Christmas because of time constraints pushing it out so far into the New Year. But then, I’m thinking about starting a Throwback Thursday segment to add a little of my old blog into this one.  So, there’s an opportunity to share a couple of past Holiday journals next Christmas! Yay!

Well, I hope this post didn’t push you over the edge to complete Holiday burnout!

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Something Olde, Something New…

Last night I got an itch to finally turn some of the small notebooks I have been holding onto for years…and years… into mini art journals. I got out my glue stick and went to town glueing the pages together for strength.


Once that was done, I thought it was time to try a project I’ve been stewing over for the past few months…


…making a kind of Fauxdori cover to hold them in!!

 And because I’ll be embellishing the cover, I machine quilted it. Love!


This took about an hour to make, and the notebooks fit in it beautifully!


I will be more than happy to share how I made these in another post, I’ll need one for my Moleskines.


There’s  nothing like mooching around your own stash of supplies to making something special for yourself. Well, back to my Christmas gift makings.

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Getting A Head Start on My Holiday Journal

I have been finding that when I sit down to journal about something in my Holiday journal, by the time I get the page decorated, I’ve forgotten what I wanted to journal about! I usually have pages ready to go in my daily  journals, I just haven’t been taking the time to get this one ready to go.

Well, here are some pages decorated up ahead of time…


Some random bits and bobs pulled together out of a group I purchased from Peachy Cheap by October Afternoon, along with a few things from my stash.


Using things up that I have been holding on to for far too long is always a great feeling, especially when they have their own memories attached to them! The piece at the upper left is from some Christmas cards I made many, many years ago!


This journal is pretty small, so I went out and bought some small ink stamps. It’s been super fun finding little spots to use them in!


These mid century images really bring back a lot of Christmas memories for me, I think that is why I’m so drawn to them!


I remember not really appreciating this kind of decor when I was a child, but I love it now! But that lamp is a bit much, even for me! Wow, that’s special!


Overly flocked trees with handmade goodies! My husband is saying a Christmas prayer that I never go this far! But if you would like to visit somebody that does, follow this link to see what the “Queen of Christmas Kitsch”, the lovely Jennifer Perkins, has to offer. A never ending supply of eye candy, and lots more links from there!

Here is hoping your finding lots of wonderful Holiday memories to journal about!

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A Holiday Mini Journal

I’ve been pretty absent from this olde blog for a while now…I’ve been too busy making! Making Christmas gifts, making things for my shoppe, and making plans!

But, I thought I would take a wee break and share something  that I’m pretty happy about…


My 2015 Holiday mini journal! You see, every year I toss around the idea about whether or not to make a Holiday journal. Sometimes I make one, and sometimes I don’t. This year, it was a yes.

I knew I wanted to go small, so I set about looking through my art room for a likely candidate. I had completely forgotten about this little book, it was literally falling part at the seams!


It’s probably from the 30’s, the pages are so super delicate! I am going to adhere these pieces to card stock to preserve them before I use them.


In my book, the Holidays start with Thanksgiving, so what a great way to begin this journal. Luckily, I took a few photos over the weekend to start out. It had snowed, so it was a beautiful drive!

As if I didn’t have enough to do, I decided to work on two list challenges this month. I figured there may be days I don’t do anything Holiday related to journal about, and thought It would be nice to mix things up a bit.


It had snowed at my daughter’s house and her yard looked gorgeous! This was my grandson’s first thanksgiving, I managed to get one photo of him not moving.


On the last day of our visit, my daughter and I made Christmas cards. Something that has become a Thanksgiving tradition for us.

That is what I love most about this time of the year, enjoying all the family traditions, old and new! It’s just getting harder to fit them all in to one month!


I have lots of fun stuff to play with, so I bought this cute box from Michael’s to store it all in. I didn’t decorate it this way, but I sure am inspired by it! It looks like a cross between a Victorian and Mid-Century Christmas to me, I may have to run with it!

I will probably be posting primarily Christmas related posts this month. I have so many plans that that is all I will be doing! So, consider yourself forewarned!

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