My Latest Thrifty Finds

The thrifting gods have smiling upon me lately! I have been spending more time dropping off than shopping over the last couple of months, but I thought it was time to have a look around.


One of the first places I look is the book section, then the games area. Or the other way round depending on my mood…(you can file that under the heading of unnecessary info!)

That dictionary is from 1951 and has common French and Latin words in the back, so cool! Those Tudor Rose playing cards are gorgeous! They run anywhere from $10 to $20 online, I got them for 25 cents. Score!


Some fun vintage ephemera. More super cute playing cards, those flash cards are huge, they might become journal pages.

Then there’s this barn. Why do I need a barn you ask?


The story: One day, things started going missing around the house, small things, but it was a bit unnerving. So, when my husband couldn’t find his wallet one day, and I had just seen my two year old daughter darting by, I decided to follow her. I peeked around the corner just in time to see her stuffing the wallet into her “safe”! With, of course the accompanying “mooo” that the barn doors make when opened, kind of the opposite of an alarm you might say. If you could have just seen the look on her little face as we laughed and laughed, while asking her what was in the barn! It was a veritable treasure trove of the missing items! Even the boys had to laugh before demanding the return of their possessions! It has since then become one our most endearing family memories.

Since she has decorated her baby’s room in ranch/farm style, I thought this might be a nice addition, along with the story of course.


Wilhold Love! Need I say more?…


…why, yes I do!

This is where it all started. If you have been following my blog/s for a while, you know that I am obsessed with Wilhold plastic containment units. My mother had a Wilhold sewing box, and it was one of my favorite places to visit. I could sit for hours picking up and looking at all the boxes of pins, thread, scissors, tailor’s chalk, and all the strange and wonderful things she kept in there.

But, because time wasn’t kind to her old sewing box, it had to hit the trash heap, a very sad day indeed! Knowing that finding another one was going to be nearly impossible, (I know this because I’ve been looking for one for years) I had just about given up. Last week, I decided to try online again, there were a couple of yellow ones in this basket weave design that I very nearly purchased, but the $40 price tags scared me off as you can well imagine. So, when I spied this perfect specimen for only $3.99 at the thrift store, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I carried it to the cashier like it was the crown jewels.

I have some special plans for this that I will share later.

Oh, and the yarn is going to be used for a weaving project, more on that later too. (yes, i bought a loom, shhhh!)

Well, that’s it for now.

A bit wordy, so thank you for making it this far.

Have a great Sunday,


(p.s the tin at the top was a thrifty find too, I just didn’t have much to say about it!)

3 thoughts on “My Latest Thrifty Finds

  1. Oh my, isn’t it wonderful when you find treasures, and they are practically giving them away. My girls had that same barn, and all the little animals and farmer and tractors. I think their Dad still has it somewhere … hmmm. Lovely post & photo’s Patty xx


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