Nothing Like A Good Tidy!

Admittedly, this is not going to be the most exciting blog post I’ve ever written. But, because the only thing I have been working on over the last week is giving my creative spaces a good tidy, I thought I’d share.

Now, I’d love to get all philosophical about the positive results of having things organized and tidy, goodness knows I have enough books on the subject, but I’d much rather share the fruits of my labor and leave the theories to the experts.

The Art Room:


See what I mean, not too exciting, but boy does it feel good! The drawback is remembering where I put things!

Some before photos would have been nice, but this has been kind of a long drawn out process due to recent circumstances.


I’ve been working on getting my spaces cleaned up and streamlined for a few months now, but this week I had fun with the decorating bits.


One of my goals was to calm down some of the color with wood and natural elements, I may officially have enough cigar boxes!

The Sewing Room:


Probably my favorite corner in the house.

Orange? Don’t mind if I do!


Nothing like a Lazy-Susan or two…or four! Not the most practical, but really fun to use.


My creative space will not make it into a decor magazine by any stretch of the imagination, but each piece is very much loved! A couple of those suitcases were sitting empty for months until I figured out what to use them for, vintage, thrifted lace! perfect!


Add a couple of plants and your good to go! Again, nested, unused vintage tins until I figured out what to use them for.

It’s been an awesome experience to finally let go of some projects and supplies that were holding me back. There is more to do of course, but the sense of urgency has passed. Now it’s time to create!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Have a great day,


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