My “Self Care” Planner

I thought I would share something that I have been working on for the past couple of months, my “Self Care Planner”. A place where I list, dream, plan and track my personal progress.


I’ve written about this KikkiK planner before. You may recognize it as my business planner. Since my decision to take a step back from my shoppe to spend more time working on my personal, family and home life, I realized I didn’t need two business binders, go figure.


When I first started working on this, I wondered what I was going to do with all those dividers, it didn’t take long to figure that out!  There are few more tabs labeled “Favorite Recipes”, “Health Care”, and “Lists” behind these.

I’m going to try and tackle those “Wish Lists” and “Fitness” sections asap!


I wish it was more exciting looking, but the main point of writing this post was to share something that I had a heck of a time finding info on, planners that are all about taking better care of yourself!

I’m happy to say that since I have made taking better care of myself my #1 priority, I have a lot more energy to take care of all the other aspects of my life!


I thought I would show you my weekly inserts before I write in all my lists and such. I start with decorating with washi, then add the dates.

FYI: these inserts are from Plan2Create on Etsy and that sweet page marker is from TheKiwiRose shop if your interested.


Monday through Friday is  bit redundant, but that’s the point. This only takes about 20 minutes to write out, but very much worth it! Once the week is set up, ticking things off the lists, either throughout the day or in the evening, takes just a couple of minutes.

My self-care tasks are as follows:

Morning Routine, Breakfast, Reading, Planning

Stretch, Water log

Evening Routine, Gratitude Journal, Planners

The “Routines” consist of medications, vitamins, teeth care, that sort of thing. I’m sure most people do these things automatically, but if I don’t check it off a list, I’ll procrastinate until my next life, and I’m afraid my teeth won’t follow! I’m not exactly falling apart at the seams, but I am starting to feel life’s wear and tear! So, these things need to be a priority!

On the weekends, I’m a little more flexible about my tasks. Sundays have become my “Spa” days as of late. I soak in the tub, take care of my nails, all kinds of “me” stuff, it’s a great way to start the new week!


My awesome little planner pocket care of TheKiwiRose shop, I adore it! I’m  stepping up the decorating in this planner because that seems the best way to get familiar with it. It’s still a work in progress, like I said, I haven’t found very much info on self care planners.

I hope to go into a bit more detail on the various dividers when I’m able to put more work into them, I’ll keep you posted. I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any suggestions or info you’d like to share, I would really appreciate your input!

Thank you once again for the visit,

Have a wonderful day,


4 thoughts on “My “Self Care” Planner

  1. What a beautiful journal – I am all over the place with self-care, so maybe I should try to collect it all in one place huh? You do it so elegantly Patty!


  2. I love the idea of a self-care journal. It’s a wonderful way to journal, make sure you’re being taken care of, and have everything in one place. So lovely.


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