Thrifty Thursday Happy Mail Organization

Yep, I decided to bag “Throwback Thursday” and replace it with “Thrifty Thursday”. If I’m going to share about a bunch of old crap, I’d rather it was once somebody else’s old crap!

That being said, let’s move along…

IMG_2263At the beginning of March, I shared about some of my thrifted finds, and said I’d get back to you on this sweet, little overnight case.

IMG_2265When I first bought it, I had no idea what I was going to use it for, but I just had to have it. I didn’t take long to come up with a plan…


…my new Happy Mail Organization case! Yay!

Up until now, all my happy mail was thrown into a box with no rhyme or reason. I love to use the ephemera that people send to me in my journals, and I like to keep track of who sent what, so organizing was a must!

Isn’t that rectangular case perfect for stamps?  I’ve been tearing stamps off letters as long as I can remember. There’s quite a few years worth in there!


So, I went through my box of happy mail and gathered up all of the envelopes, put the pieces into these large plastic envelopes, and labeled them. There is a pocket on the backs of these envelopes for any larger pieces that don’t fit inside, perfect!


Speaking of Happy Mail, here is the latest from my dear friend Iryna.

Some beautiful post cards.


Stamps, journaling pieces, and educational floral cards.


Bird cards, stickers, and hand written phrases.

Thank you Iryna!


This is the page I put together from the ephemera in Iryna’s letter. There was even some gorgeous bird tape and stamps on the envelope that I carefully removed and used! My only addition was some colorful washi tape to pull the colors together.

I love the message on this page, “Time to Fly!”.

And so it is!

Thank you so much for the visit,

Have a great rest of your week,


A Thrifty Finds Update

Although I am still working on de-cluttering my spaces, the occasional trip to my favorite thrift store is a must, because there are some things I can never have enough of…

IMG_2276IMG_2279…like awesome vintage children’s books!

Some of these have seen better days, so I will be happy to make journals out of them, but some I may have to hold on to, just too cute!IMG_2285My art room is slowly filling up with vintage wooden cigar boxes. I love how they look mixed in with my kooky, kitsch decor.

IMG_2282There is a chance that I will someday be able to pass up vintage playing cards for 25 cents, but not any time soon I imagine!

IMG_2263But this! Oh my goodness, I think I’m in love! To think I almost passed this up because of the color.

You see, over the years I have had too many vintage cases sit around empty, so making the decision to bring this home was a bit iffy…until I figured out what it would be perfect for…and I will be sharing that project next time!

Until then,

Thank you for stopping in,

Have a beautiful day,


Thrifty Finds

It seems as that when I just pop into a thrift store to see what’s what, as opposed to hunting for something in particular, I find the most wonderful treasures!


Vintage phonics cards for 25 cents, HA!


Some of my favorite books to make journals out of, Yay!


But, surprise of all surprises, a blue Wilhold! Can you believe my luck finding 2 Wilhold sewing boxes twice in a row! I’m in awe! Isn’t she a beauty!


It’s missing it’s thread and notion holders, but that doesn’t matter to me, I always find a use for them. Like holding some of my trim collection! I was able to get rid of about 6 small boxes by throwing all this in here, sweet!

This is my new mission, to find nicer containers to hold my massive stockpile of vintage trim! I’d say my Wilhold obsession is going to payoff…not sure what my husband would say, but that’s another story.

Until next time,

Thanks for stopping in,


My Latest Thrifty Finds

The thrifting gods have smiling upon me lately! I have been spending more time dropping off than shopping over the last couple of months, but I thought it was time to have a look around.


One of the first places I look is the book section, then the games area. Or the other way round depending on my mood…(you can file that under the heading of unnecessary info!)

That dictionary is from 1951 and has common French and Latin words in the back, so cool! Those Tudor Rose playing cards are gorgeous! They run anywhere from $10 to $20 online, I got them for 25 cents. Score!


Some fun vintage ephemera. More super cute playing cards, those flash cards are huge, they might become journal pages.

Then there’s this barn. Why do I need a barn you ask?


The story: One day, things started going missing around the house, small things, but it was a bit unnerving. So, when my husband couldn’t find his wallet one day, and I had just seen my two year old daughter darting by, I decided to follow her. I peeked around the corner just in time to see her stuffing the wallet into her “safe”! With, of course the accompanying “mooo” that the barn doors make when opened, kind of the opposite of an alarm you might say. If you could have just seen the look on her little face as we laughed and laughed, while asking her what was in the barn! It was a veritable treasure trove of the missing items! Even the boys had to laugh before demanding the return of their possessions! It has since then become one our most endearing family memories.

Since she has decorated her baby’s room in ranch/farm style, I thought this might be a nice addition, along with the story of course.


Wilhold Love! Need I say more?…


…why, yes I do!

This is where it all started. If you have been following my blog/s for a while, you know that I am obsessed with Wilhold plastic containment units. My mother had a Wilhold sewing box, and it was one of my favorite places to visit. I could sit for hours picking up and looking at all the boxes of pins, thread, scissors, tailor’s chalk, and all the strange and wonderful things she kept in there.

But, because time wasn’t kind to her old sewing box, it had to hit the trash heap, a very sad day indeed! Knowing that finding another one was going to be nearly impossible, (I know this because I’ve been looking for one for years) I had just about given up. Last week, I decided to try online again, there were a couple of yellow ones in this basket weave design that I very nearly purchased, but the $40 price tags scared me off as you can well imagine. So, when I spied this perfect specimen for only $3.99 at the thrift store, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I carried it to the cashier like it was the crown jewels.

I have some special plans for this that I will share later.

Oh, and the yarn is going to be used for a weaving project, more on that later too. (yes, i bought a loom, shhhh!)

Well, that’s it for now.

A bit wordy, so thank you for making it this far.

Have a great Sunday,


(p.s the tin at the top was a thrifty find too, I just didn’t have much to say about it!)

Re-decoratings, Re-aquaintings, and Resolutions…

Now that the hustle bustle of the Holidays is over, it’s time to get back to work, but it shouldn’t be this much fun…or should it? Taking the time to fiddle around with my supplies and decor is a luxury I didn’t afford myself much last year. “Nose to the grindstone”, that was me!IMG_1124

A bit of de-cluttering I did before Christmas, and a perfect example of what I would like the rest of the room to look like. (Pardon if you have already seen this on other social mediums)


Some washi tape that was stuffed in baskets and drawers. “Out of sight out of mind”, therefore “out of use”! It’s not a New Years resolution to cut back on spending, but it should be!


Last night, I was going through some back issues of Flow magazine while working in my Vision Journal, and came across these gorgeous art pages. So, down came the clutter, and up went the pretties!


This rolling rack was a sight! Now, it displays part of my collection of vintage linens. Some of these have plans, but for the most part, I just like looking at them.

I’m not much for New Years resolutions, but I do like to shoot for a new mindset. Last year, it was getting my shoppe in high gear. I think I stripped a few, because I was worn out before Christmas!

This year, it’s reacquainting myself with the things and people that inspire me and have guided me to where I am today.

With a grateful heart,

Thank you once again for visiting,

Have a great week,