Thrifty Finds

It seems as that when I just pop into a thrift store to see what’s what, as opposed to hunting for something in particular, I find the most wonderful treasures!


Vintage phonics cards for 25 cents, HA!


Some of my favorite books to make journals out of, Yay!


But, surprise of all surprises, a blue Wilhold! Can you believe my luck finding 2 Wilhold sewing boxes twice in a row! I’m in awe! Isn’t she a beauty!


It’s missing it’s thread and notion holders, but that doesn’t matter to me, I always find a use for them. Like holding some of my trim collection! I was able to get rid of about 6 small boxes by throwing all this in here, sweet!

This is my new mission, to find nicer containers to hold my massive stockpile of vintage trim! I’d say my Wilhold obsession is going to payoff…not sure what my husband would say, but that’s another story.

Until next time,

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4 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds

  1. Score! those children’s books and phonics cards are darling. all that trim in the Wilhold sewing box—>sweet! i’ve had the same thing happen, i go in to just “browse” and find the most treasures 🙂 tfs Patty – well done.


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