Incoming and Outgoing Happy Mail!

This blog post has been a long time coming. The more I put it off, the more mail I received, and the longer this post was starting to become!

I have made so many wonderful friends through this blog and my shoppe, and one or two on Instagram, and I am so, so grateful! The generosity of the people I have met astonishes me daily!


IMG_1712Gorgeousness all the way from New Zealand! So many awesome pieces and images! Absolutely amazing! This is just a small sampling of what Nanci sent to me, the entire package would require it’s own blog post!

Thank you sweet Nanci!

IMG_1919I have a new pen pal in Malaysia that sent me this wonderful letter and some Travelers Notebook stickers. Isn’t that envelope beautiful! We have already exchanged letters a couple of times now, so awesome!

Thank you Elison!

IMG_1924Then there’s this! A huge envelope with the coolest wallpaper scraps ever! Kristen emailed me for my address so she could send me a few goodies.

K, I want to be on her Christmas list! If this 10 lb. package was a few goodies, what does she consider large! I could paper a room with this lot!

Thank you so much Kristen!



A smal RAK to my sweet friend Jenna of The Kiwi Rose Shop. She had admired those feather post-its in a Instagram post, I needed to de-stash, and there you have it! I had way too much fun working on this for her.


My lovely friend Iryna and I have ben exchanging mail for a couple of years now. I follow lots of Snail Mail folks on the web, so I’ve really been trying a little harder to step up my game. I have to say Iryna appreciated the effort! 🙂

The postcard at the top right was something I made for myself though. I mailed off another art journal to Art Journaling Magazine a week ago, and that was the “confirmation of receipt” card. It gets sent back to me, so I put a little extra effort into it.



Actually, I have had the idea of trying to do something special with all my gorgeous Happy Mail ephemera for a while now. I thought about making post cards and such with them, but that idea never really jelled, a lot of it is too large. So, I have decided these two big journals would be the perfect size to  use, my Happy Mail journals. They have a few pages done in them, but I’ll make them work . Sometimes all it takes is the perfect marriage of elements to launch a project off the pad.

I hope this is it! And if it is, you’ll be the first to know!

So, once again,

Thanks for stopping in,

Have a great rest of your day,


8 thoughts on “Incoming and Outgoing Happy Mail!

  1. Oh, dear, you wrote you have a new “penal” in Malaysia! Is that a penpal in prison – lol. Just thought I’d point it out in case you want to edit.

    So many pretty prints and patterns – lucky you! I love how you decorated the return receipt card, and I just love wallpaper scraps. Have you thought about making some kind of wall display for things like this? If you used elastic or a plate-rack type thing you could change the display without damaging the cards.


    1. Thank you so much for the heads up Val! That certainly did need editing! Lol! That’s a great idea for the cards, but I have some binders with plastic photo inserts I keep those in, I flip through it often.


  2. Everything in this post is so gorgeous! I especially love that hei-tiki and fern-printed paper from New Zealand. I know the feeling of following lots of snail mail artists and being inspired to take your own mail to the next level: these pretty letters have certainly inspired me 🙂


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