Thrifty Thursday

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this before, but I use this blog as my accountability partner. Meaning, I have a schedule I keep so that I HAVE to make or do to something to blog about. But, sometimes this means I have to shop in order to have content. I know! How unfair is that!!!

Anywho, knowing that I had a “Thrifty Thursday” on the horizon, off I went. I didn’t find anything too terribly exciting, but here goes…


…actually, these are pretty exciting! Vintage Air Mail envelopes to add to my “Mail Ephemera” collection. Some day I will actually use some of it!


Then there are these, some super tiny playing cards. When I bought these they were taped up and just the card facings were showing. So, imagine my surprise and delight when I opened them up and found these retro hula girls on the covers! Yowzza!


A collection of mid-century chapter books for the shop. I love those “Bobbsey Twins” books the most. I can’t wait to make them into journals!


This was the most exciting find of all, a book I had as a child! I have always wanted to find this book. Not just any book though, I wanted one with the copyright dates from the years I was a kid, and it does! This one will definitely not be going into the shop! I want to read this to my grandson when he comes for visits! Swoon!

Hmmmm…this post was actually a little more exciting than I thought it would be…well at least for me!

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Thrifty Thursday…with Wilhold Love!

Okey Dokey, it looks like the Wilhold angels smiled upon me again! Cue angels singing!

…and once again there was some poor soul standing between me and my treasure. Heart pounding, I squeezed passed her and tried to look casual. She smiled sweetly at me knowing we were both in our “Happy Place”, while she contentedly perused the fabric selection. My tribe!


A root beer colored Wilhold! I hear music…do you hear music!?

She’s smaller than average, but that makes her even more precious. A few cracks and some wear and tear, but I’ll take good care of her!

When I showed her to my husband, he actually had the nerve to ask me how many Wilholds I have. I started to count…he lost interest. Do I ask him how many fishing poles he has? He wishes I was that interested! Now if these were tackle boxes…but I digress.


I decided that this would be perfect for organizing my Stitched Journal makings. I had been keeping all this in a vintage suitcase for years, I’m really not sure why this didn’t occur to me sooner.


A perfect fit! A lot of the embellishments are in neutrals for this journal, I went a little haywire on the fabric color choices, and felt it needed some toning down.


How fun is that!  This has worked out so well, I was inspired to get a couple of pages done.


A blinged up window box…with one flower…don’t judge…it was fun.

IMG_2870Very much like my art journals, I like to rummage around to see what inspires me. Having things organized, and being able to see what I have to work with, really makes things flow a lot better!


These little stitched journals are great to have on hand in the evening when you just want to be creative, but don’t want to get out a bunch of supplies and create a mess. You can put your own stitched journal kit together with an inexpensive sewing box, a plastic crafting container, or even a tool box.

Having your embellishments an tools organized is the best way to go, I highly recommend it!

Once again,

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Thrifty Thursday Happy Mail Organization

Yep, I decided to bag “Throwback Thursday” and replace it with “Thrifty Thursday”. If I’m going to share about a bunch of old crap, I’d rather it was once somebody else’s old crap!

That being said, let’s move along…

IMG_2263At the beginning of March, I shared about some of my thrifted finds, and said I’d get back to you on this sweet, little overnight case.

IMG_2265When I first bought it, I had no idea what I was going to use it for, but I just had to have it. I didn’t take long to come up with a plan…


…my new Happy Mail Organization case! Yay!

Up until now, all my happy mail was thrown into a box with no rhyme or reason. I love to use the ephemera that people send to me in my journals, and I like to keep track of who sent what, so organizing was a must!

Isn’t that rectangular case perfect for stamps?  I’ve been tearing stamps off letters as long as I can remember. There’s quite a few years worth in there!


So, I went through my box of happy mail and gathered up all of the envelopes, put the pieces into these large plastic envelopes, and labeled them. There is a pocket on the backs of these envelopes for any larger pieces that don’t fit inside, perfect!


Speaking of Happy Mail, here is the latest from my dear friend Iryna.

Some beautiful post cards.


Stamps, journaling pieces, and educational floral cards.


Bird cards, stickers, and hand written phrases.

Thank you Iryna!


This is the page I put together from the ephemera in Iryna’s letter. There was even some gorgeous bird tape and stamps on the envelope that I carefully removed and used! My only addition was some colorful washi tape to pull the colors together.

I love the message on this page, “Time to Fly!”.

And so it is!

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