Thrifty Thursday

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this before, but I use this blog as my accountability partner. Meaning, I have a schedule I keep so that I HAVE to make or do to something to blog about. But, sometimes this means I have to shop in order to have content. I know! How unfair is that!!!

Anywho, knowing that I had a “Thrifty Thursday” on the horizon, off I went. I didn’t find anything too terribly exciting, but here goes…


…actually, these are pretty exciting! Vintage Air Mail envelopes to add to my “Mail Ephemera” collection. Some day I will actually use some of it!


Then there are these, some super tiny playing cards. When I bought these they were taped up and just the card facings were showing. So, imagine my surprise and delight when I opened them up and found these retro hula girls on the covers! Yowzza!


A collection of mid-century chapter books for the shop. I love those “Bobbsey Twins” books the most. I can’t wait to make them into journals!


This was the most exciting find of all, a book I had as a child! I have always wanted to find this book. Not just any book though, I wanted one with the copyright dates from the years I was a kid, and it does! This one will definitely not be going into the shop! I want to read this to my grandson when he comes for visits! Swoon!

Hmmmm…this post was actually a little more exciting than I thought it would be…well at least for me!

That’s it for now,

As always, thank you for the visit,

 Have a great day,


4 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday

  1. Oh, Richard Scarry! Sigh. The best children’s picture books ever. I still have my copy of “What do People Do All Day” — my favorite book from childhood. I wouldn’t even let my kids touch it.

    Yes, a great find!!!


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