A Personal #collageaday Project

 Last week, on a whim, I decided to start my own collage-a-day challenge. Sometimes I will journal, but mostly I will just be out trying new techniques or using up paper goodies.

 I apologize if you are seeing these same photos on instagram, but in case you don’t…


I started with scraping matching paint onto the grid side. I try to make both sides of my page spreads coordinate together, and paint seems to be the best way to start.



As I have confessed in the past, I am a ephemera hoarder, and these journals are a perfect way to use them up.

We don’t keep all those little bits and bobs unless we love them!



I have become addicted to attaching random die cuts together as one unit to have on hand. I attach them with brads, staples or adhesive. Super fun to make, and a great way to use up those small bits.



I’m starting to feel much more comfortable with stamping now. Which is super awesome considering the amount of stamps I own!


This morning I was in the mood to do  little journaling, so I added one of my handmade library card holders.

That quote on the right was on the other side of the piece with the girls on the left, I was sad to loose it, so I printed it up on the computer. I love Miltie!


Another journaling space I wanted to share before I started writing on it.

So, now you are officially my accountability partners on this project. Now that I have put it out there, I’m committed!

So far, I am really enjoying this project. Sometimes I’ll get the backgrounds done the night before so that all I have to do is decorate the next day. Other days, it’s all about looking around the room, or the internet, for inspiration.

I’m doing this on my own, so if you decide to join in, please tag me on instagram @radishblossoms so I can give you some hearts!

Until next time,

Thanks again for dropping by,

Have a wonderful day,


3 thoughts on “A Personal #collageaday Project

  1. Patty – LOVE the idea of the die cuts stuck together with brads – how clever! As always, love all your layers! Nice job!


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