Auntie Patty’s Craft Camp

This is year two that my niece has flown up from San Francisco to stay with me for her Spring break. She’s 11 years old and loves to craft, so it’s a treat for both off us to have this time together!

We have been busy with one thing or a another for almost two weeks now, and we thought we would share some of it with you.


 I told her I had some fabric pens she could keep, and this is the project she came up with. Personally, I’m amazed! We printed this “Tribal Heart” off the inter-webs, then she traced these from a black and white copy. Brilliant!


Apparently Shrinky Dinks are big in her world. A circle punch, a 1/4 inch hole punch, colorful Sharpies, Shrinky Dink sheets, jump rings, earring hooks, and you have fashion!


Today is her mother’s birthday, so a card is a must! Even the envelope is super cute! Love!


We watched a video on watercoloring and this is what she came up with. I love that neckless, and that quote…she amazes me! Seriuously, I couldn’t write that with a pen let alone with a paint brush!


This is the art journal we made together last year. She wanted to work on it while she was here. I love it!


Last, but certainly not least, I made her this Fabric Dori with a couple of inserts. This is her first page spread in it. So sweet!

These past two weeks have been a whirl wind of trips, crafting, a movie, a picnic on the beach, and family time! We need a vacay!

Hope you enjoyed our trip!

Thank you for stopping by,

Have a great weekend,


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