My New (to me) Art Journal, and a bit of a process share

Surprisingly enough, I have actually been finishing up journals faster than I had noticed. So, I’m happy to say it’s time to start a new one!


This is a journal that was a little too rough around the edges for my shoppe, so I pulled it out. The colors and themes in it are what I would call “Retro Eclectic”, in other words: challengingly (is that a word?) fun!

Lately, I’ve been trying to step outside of my comfort zone and start using paint in my scrap journals, so I thought I’d share the results in steps.


I have had these pigments for a very long time, and thought they would be great for scraping onto the text pages in this journal. They worked beautifully for adding color without covering up the text too much!

Super easy-peasy to just add a dab of paint to the card and scrape. The pigment dries quickly without warping or wrinkling the page.


And a new way to apply tissue for me. I usually use matte medium, which takes a while to dry. A glue stick works well too, but you don’t get the same depth of color through the tissue paper as you would by saturating it with liquid adhesive, but it’s still a nice addition to the page. I’m going to try adding the tissue first, then the pigment next time.IMG_3097

The finished page.

Die cuts, fussy cut image, postage stamps, washi tape, and stickers.

(it seems I’ve managed to cover up all the text I was trying to save, ooops!)


I’m trying to remember trace around some of the images to give them depth. Again, I tend to be a little too critical about my drawing, and this is no exception, but practice, practice, practice as they say.


Also,  I’ve been trying my hand at using Gelatos. They’re super fun to use and dry quickly.

So, there it is, a new journal to share. I’m hoping that I will continue to try new things with out over complicating my pages too much. That’s a lot of color!

Once again,

Thank you stopping in,

Have a great day,


4 thoughts on “My New (to me) Art Journal, and a bit of a process share

  1. Nice! Love this, Patty – the step out and the final page – you have a way with placing items on your pages – I was surprised to see you get “messy” though since I remember you didn’t like wet! But turned out really great!


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