Shoppe News and My Best Helper!

This doesn’t happen often enough, but on the day that I sold the last “Surprise Ephemera Pack” in my shoppe, somebody convo-ed and asked if I sell ephemera packs. Well, far be it from me to let an opportunity slip on by, so I got right to work, along with my trusty companion, and made some more.


…my trusty companion meaning my niece of course! It was so much more fun to have someone to chat with and bounce ideas off while putting these together.

And I have to say that she put some extra effort into making these packs a little more special by trying to match up colors. I can’t say that they are all one color, just a bit closer than I usually shoot for.


We spent the morning putting together these flower clips to dress the packages up a bit. I’m determined to get folks addicted to these flower clips whether they like it or not!


While the glue was drying on the flower clips, we set about putting the packs together. I have kind of an assembly line process for these, so I gave her a container for each group, and she distributed them.


She especially loved reading those joke playing cards as she put them in each basket. They are fishing jokes, so we spent some time trying to figure out what some of them meant. We should have asked my husband!

Well, we are leaving to visit my daughter on the east side today, but we didn’t want to neglect letting you know about the newness, and remind you that tomorrow is the last day for 15% off with the coupon code IMBACK15

Thanks for the visit,

See you next week,


4 thoughts on “Shoppe News and My Best Helper!

  1. The S&H green stamps brought a tear to my eye. I used to paste my grandmother’s stamps in her books for her. Such a good memory.


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