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I’m going to make this a short one, because my niece is visiting, and we have some craft shopping to do! I love it when she visits because all she wants to do is shop, work on art journals, and visit. Win!

She’s kind of an 11 year old mini-me, only much smarter! 🙂

Now to the “latest”…IMG_2975

Here is a page spread from a few weeks ago. There isn’t much going on, I just loved that big, fat rat so much I had to share!


I thought this was interesting. This was a page I had journaled on, but not decorated, almost exactly a year previously. I added more journaling and decorated it up a bit. IMG_2976

 Sometimes I like what’s going on on the page too much to cover it all up, so I just added some pops of color.


This is one I did this morning while my niece worked in her journal. Even though I didn’t leave room to journal, I’ll always remember this mornings art session when I look at it!

That’s it for now. I’m hoping my niece will allow me to share some of her journal pages with you this week!

Until then,

Thank you for the visit,

Have a great day,


4 thoughts on “Latest Journal Pages

  1. thanks for sharing your gorgeous eye candy pages patty 🙂 i feel the same way about some pages – not covering what’s already on it- sometimes i add an index card, or a tag as a tip in, journal on it and the original page is left “as is.” would LUV to see what your niece creates 🙂 have fun-making memories/documenting those memories is priceless.


  2. These are lovely, Patty! And I do hope your niece gives you permission to post her pages… Who knows, perhaps a passionate art journalist is being molded under your tutelage…


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