Some Art Journaling

I have been meaning to get back to my art journaling for a couple of weeks now, but something seems to always take precedence! So, I decided to shove a few things aside and have some fun!

This is one of my favorite journals, mostly because I love this little book. It’s a story about a colony of mice, a trash heap, and ensuing mouse drama. Lovely!

And of course, my spin…


…in the the form of journaling. I have been adding ready made ephemera, lots of washi tape, and scrap paper to my pages lately, a habit I’ve picked up from working in my list challenge journals.


Coloring in the illustrations is a must, I can’t bring myself to cover them up.

So Cute!


This plain green page was a bit tricky! I tried to think of all the colors that made the least sense, and came up with this: brightness with black and white accents.

More washi tape, scrap paper, circle punch-outs, , mid-century images, and some The Reset Girl glasses


This is the next page over. Again, as a hold over from working in my list journals, I tried to mimic the color story to give the page spread a more cohesive look.

Scrapbook paper, punch-outs, washi tape, ready-made and random ephemera, and of course journaling! Oh, and that yellow heart is punched from some adhesive washi paper that I found at Michael’s in the “Fun Finds” bins.


If you are new to my blog, you will get used to the fact that I share my journaling on line. I don’t write anything too personal or embarrassing, I have other journals for that! I figure there is a chance I’ll consider submitting them for publication, and they’ll publish my journaling anyway, so…

On that note, I have an article coming out in the Summer issue of Art Journaling magazine next month, so I’ll be sharing that soon!

Until next time,

Thanks for stopping by,

Have a fab day,


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