Color Crush Planner Decor

Hmmmm….another planner eh! It seems that once you drop down the rabbit hole of the planner world, you keep coming up with more excuses to buy new planners! The original plan for this one is still intact, decorating with the latest planner packs* from my shoppe, but this one will be also doubling as a business resource binder. A place where I keep lists of books I’m reading, or need to read, blogs with great advice, audio books, and of course journaling. I would love to have it all in one place!


I’m going with a summer picnic theme right now. Polka dots, gingham, fresh fruit, flowers and lots of bold color. I chose paper with sand because the beach is where most of our picnics took place growing up. It got to where I didn’t know what a sandwich tasted like without sand in it! Dad always said “Why do you think they call them ‘sand’wiches! Besides, it’s roughage!” Okie-dokie!


Once I started working on it, ideas just flowed. I have quite a collection of goodies to choose from at this point as you can well imagine!


I’m almost sure that there will come a time when I will have to rein in the collecting and spending…yeah, right!


I’m actually braving the stamping thing a bit more, so much trial and error. I say start out on the inexpensive bits to cut down on the angst. Now, I have a set of nifty personalized post its!


It has been pretty darn awesome to start using things that have been sitting in a box for months waiting for a home! I can’t wait to start labeling and organizing this planner! I will continue to change up the decor, but the content will stay the same…I hope!

Once again, thank you for the visit,

Have a great week!


*Footnote: the planner packs I refer to in this post will be ready by the end of the week! 🙂

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