Junk Planning

I purchased this Color Crush Planner about 3 weeks ago. The crazy color did something for me…I had high hopes!


But, when it was delivered, my hopes were a bit dashed. What’s with this color! It looked quite a bit different in person, way more orange than I had imagined!

So, I set it aside. Not only did I not have a decorating plan for it, but not even a use plan!


Until, I received this awesome happy mail surprise from Diane at A Focused Journey, thank you Diane!

Can you guess where I’m going with this?


Well, what do you know about that! Cute or what!? It’s hard to believe that such a small thing could generate so much inspiration! I’m the first one to admit that this wouldn’t be “Planner Peace” for many people, but it makes my heart sing! I describe it as looking like it was decorated with thrift store finds, and to a certain extent, it is.

I am crazy in Love with this thing!


I want all my planners to be this dorky!


I set about making the dividers, but where to start? How about my favorite scrapbook paper,  Studio Calico‘s “Print Shop” line. After that hurdle I went to town looking for any kitschy colorful ephemera I could find. How’d I do? Lol!


If you know me, you know I didn’t need to go far.


So, what am I going to use this funky little planner for? My new art journaling planner! Yay! A place to put all those ideas that come to me in the car, at night when I should be sleeping, or any other inconvenient time you can think of (isn’t that always the way!)

But any-who, now I have a place to jot down ideas and plans for all the different types of art journals I make, use, and sell!  And it’s such a fun place to go!

At this point, I’m thinking that I may have enough planners. But who knows, I have yet to make a planner for my planners…hmmm, there’s a thought!

Once again…

Thanks so much for the visit,

Have a great day,


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