Mini Art Journals

I love it when I’m in the mood to work on old unfinished projects. This one isn’t as old as some have been, but how fun is it to have 6 new mini journals!


The idea behind these was to use up smaller pieces of double sided scrapbook paper. I’m pretty picky about the paper I use in the journals I sell on my shoppe, things going sideways and such, so I usually have quite a bit leftover.


I have to admit, I was less than happy with the muddy appearance I gave the covers of these journals, even though the original plan was to decorate the fronts, I’ll have to work on that.


Here is an example of the first one I decorated. My favorite paper, a fussy cut image, and one of my dorky flowers, it’ll do.


I left these two un-tinted and gessoed. I don’t feel as if I need to decorate the covers on these, we’ll see.


I made a pocket page for each, then filled them with scrapbook paper. How in the world I am going to find the time to work in these, I have no idea. That’s why I opened my shoppe, so I can make art journals but not necessarily have to art them up! Cheeky eh!

Well, once again thank you for the visit,

Have a fab week,


2 thoughts on “Mini Art Journals

  1. oh these are so cute! little pockets too! and your flowers are nothing close to resembling dorky! love your phrase of “fussy cut” image-that says it all for that kind of cutting 🙂


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