Blondie and Dagwood Art Journal

I have been having such a good time working in this journal lately. Absolutely a labor of love! There is something about adding your own personal touches and words that bring a journal to life.


This is the same journal I shared about in my last blog post. Isn’t it a great color! I’m not sure what the title has to do with the pack of cute dogs running through the book, but…


Some great paper ready and waiting for some journaling to happen. I love having lined paper to work on, instant journaling space, and again with the awesome green! Is that vintage playing card a hoot or what? I love the big red guy, but those skirts are to die for!


I usually try to have some sort of message or quote on pages with no journaling. I decided to just have fun with my ephemera on this one!


It’s funny, that rabbit is like so many other pieces I shuffle around every week. “Nope, not quite right” until they become like friends finding a home. There seems to be some sort of emergency!


The black and white ephemera is a great way to calm down an extremely loud back ground! And I personally feel that if I was strapped into one of those girdle contraptions, I would want to kill more than bugs!

I am definitely not one of those people that pine for the “Good olde days”! Girdles, high heels, “Putting your face on” just to go to the market, no thanks! Although, I do miss decent manners, that could make a come back in my book!

Well, that’s about it for now. As usual…

Thank you for stopping by,

Have a fantastic Sunday,


4 thoughts on “Blondie and Dagwood Art Journal

  1. Hi Patty
    Love your dagwood & blondie journal! The vintage playing card is from New Zealand. The red guy is a Maori tiki and the girls in traditional skirts are called Wahine = women. Very nice design!


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