Coloring In My Scrap Journal

Coloring books have been around for a long time. And, over the last couple of years, they have become super popular with “grown-ups” as well.

Well yesterday, I was watching a Periscope “haul share” by one of my favorite people Jannette Lane. One of the things she shared was her new coloring book. She spoke about how relaxing it is to take time out just to color once in a while. That made me think about all those hours I put in coloring  “Doodle Art” posters when I was a teen. I loved doing them, but they were not my style of decor, so they collected in my closet until I finally just got rid of them.

IMG_9411Enter my new found passion for coloring. I have written about coloring in the pages of my scrap journals in the past, but I looked at it more as a way of filling in the pages, not really with a sense of pleasure of bringing the pages to life.  Jannette helped me look at coloring the pages in a different way. I felt guilty for spending time in what I thought was a bit of a childish lark.

IMG_9412This is a page I had decorated up for journaling, then decided to go back and color it in. You might be able to tell that I colored in the background, but it looked awful, so I erased it as best I could. The effect is a dingy wall, I like it!


Another redo. I rearranged and colored a bit more on this one. I’m still working on my page compositions. I like layering paper, embellishments and inspirational quotes over the the text.


The original pages in this scrap journal were pretty fragile , so I put tabs on the corners to help protect them.


I’m happy to say that I left quite a few “coloring” pages in this scrap journal to play with! I hope this inspires you to try your hand at some coloring!

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