Time To Streamline My Planner Decor

Once a month I take some time out to decorate the Mission Board in my InkwellPressPanner. It is a bit time consuming, so I tend to put it off till last minute. I feel like such a slacker if I don’t get it done, and sometimes it shows…


…case in point!

Looks to me as if I just wanted to get the page done! Not a lot of composition there!


That’s better! Less is more!

This is a lot of work for a page I rarely refer to, and when I look at this, all I see is ephemera I would like to have used in my journals.


I guess I can remove some of this and reuse it, and I probably will.


We should always try new things, but we should also be willing to let go of some things when we loose our enthusiasm.


I’ll miss this project I imagine, but thinking about getting some extra time for the things I really love doing makes me smile!

I will be switching over to just having a week-on-2-pages in my binders to streamline my planning a bit. I’m on the look-out for digital print-ables that will suit my needs. Of course I will continue decorating my week-on-2-pages, I see those everyday!  I’ll share as soon as I find something.

Until then,

Thank you for visiting,

Have a great day,


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