The Challenge of a Painted Page

The painted pages in my journals have always been a bit of a challenge. Working with all the color, the empty space, but not wanting to cover up the good bits, then there’s the sheer size of the pages in this journal..

IMG_9660But, as I said in a previous post, these big pages are a great way to use some my larger ephemera pieces. I ‘ll be journaling on the painted surface, I love the way that looks, the ink pulls some black out into the rest of the page.


I thought these daisy postage stamps echoed the background quite well and pulled some color into the circle. She looks like she’s balancing a huge ball on her shouldes, she’s certainly dressed for it!


This is a riot of color, but I have been waiting for the perfect place to use that ’60’s desert image for a long time, it almost blends into the background. I echoed the houndstooth of her jacket with houndstooth paper punch outs. I pulled all the main colors into the bottom righthand corner by using that scrapbook piece like a mini journal page, a nice way to use smaller pieces with out cluttering up the rest of the page.


As you can tell, I have relied heavily on black and white. I played around with tans and browns, but they muted the colors too much, the black and white seems to anchor the colors. The idea behind the placement of that flower was to pull those two images together and repeat the flowers in the background.


I have been looking for the perfect home for this postage stamp for months! I pick it up to use every time I work on a project, I love it here! This black and white paper from an issue of Flow magazine is amazing! It has a mid century vibe to it, I use it a lot!

My large journal is coming along quite nicely, it has definitely been an awesome place to use larger ephemera pieces in, yet still leaving room for journaling.

I’m hoping to have some large ephemera packs in my shoppe by the end of the week, so look out for those.

Until then,

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5 thoughts on “The Challenge of a Painted Page

  1. Pleased to make you happy – this is the last I can do to thank you for your wonderful blog posts! Don’t feel like you have to display the happy mail, it isn’t necessary for me. Much mail art love from Belarus!


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