Mini Art Journal Makings

A couple of weeks ago, I was planning a trip to visit my daughter and was looking for an easier way to bring art making supplies. Without bringing my whole studio! I decided to go micro-mini. Luckily for all concerned, not with my wardrobe…if you know what I mean!


I searched for anything I could find that was tiny to see how much I could ft into this travel case. Success was mine…I could barely lift it!

I’ve kept it packed so that all I have to do is grab it and go. Sometimes I just want to sit in front of the T.V. and play…and that’s exactly what I do!


I’ve continued to work on them since arriving back home and had some fun embellishing them with every wayward, or unwanted, paperclip in my stash…so much fun!


This is a page spread I worked on while visiting my daughter. We stayed super busy, so I only got a couple done.


Limiting the bits and pieces I can use really helps me think outside the box, or travel case if you will. I love the challenge of making the randomness come together cohesively!


Those page tabs are from the recent Planner Society Kit Club offerings. I love all that fuss at the top of my pages!


I’m trying to get used to stamping in my journals. I have a boat load of stamps and ink pads, but I get extremely frustrated at how lame I am at stamping! Practice, practice, practice…grrr!


This is my favorite part of art journaling, using something that has been bouncing around my studio for years! I have refused to get rid of that tiny paper clip, hoping that someday I would find the the perfect home for it…Bingo!

So, there you have it. Much ado about some mini-ness!

Thank you so much for stopping in,

Have a wonderful week,


7 thoughts on “Mini Art Journal Makings

  1. I so love the way you journal, photograph and share your makings, here and on your instagram. Every time I see a post it makes me itch to do some cut & pasting, or just come over to your place and dig through your stash, with permission of course. 🙂

    Also love the covers of these journals, so pretty!


  2. love the mini-ness!!! i adore that teeny-tiny paperclip and i love it when we can find the perfect spot for those goodies we hang on to! that little coin purse! the lamb and balloons ephemera, journal card with the deer-and miss high society with her leopard accessories!!! soo many goodies i could comment on as i scour over every photo several times-lots of eye candy!! and all those yummy paper clips-even one’s with buttons!! did you make these journals? also, i must know what the item is in the 1st-3rd photos, it looks like maybe a tiny tin with a yellow button on it? it looks like maybe a frog button? whatever it is, it caught my eye and is just darling AS are your pages-AS always!!!

    i have a couple kits of supplies i’ve put together just so i can move about and do artsy stuff away from art space, i agree with you, it’s nice to have the limited bits and pieces from time to time. love the kit you put together patty, thanks for sharing 🙂 jenny


    1. Thank you Jenny! The little tin is an Altoid mini mint tin. I hit it with fine sand paper, painted it with craft acrylic paint, glued a mini “quilt sandwich” to the top, and added the frog button. Super easy! I plan on making more when I have more time…and energy.

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