Putting It In Neutral!

My personal size Filofax has needed a re-do almost since I bought it, waaaaay back when I first started this planner “journey”, about nine months ago. This is my wallet, so I didn’t want to go crazy with color, but I didn’t see this coming…


It started with the idea of wanting to use black and white ephemera, and it kind of took off from there. I love it!

There has been so many times when I’m out and about and want to plan or take notes, but I really didn’t have this fitted up with the right tools. Basically, I’ve just been lugging this around with me, jotting things down in it once in a while, and using it like a large pen holder!


Now, because it’s so pretty to look at, I open it up and use it all the time!

Should I make some of these neutral Tassel Clips for my shoppe? I’d love your input!


This is the plastic cover from an inexpensive pocket calendar. I took out the calendar and slipped in this coordinating paper. I used an adhesive business card holder to hold this washi taped playing card. I can never have enough washi on hand!


The inside holds more sticky notes. I have had these forever, I’d love to start using them!


One of the dividers. I’m not sure what this ad is for…take your tub where!? I haven’t labeled the dividers yet, that’s still a work in progress.


This divider is kind of dreamy. I like to cover the fronts of my dividers with contact paper to give them a little more strength, but for the most part, to protect the delicate vintage ephemera.

I have one more planner to redecorate, my yellow personal size Filofax, I’ll share that as soon as I come up with an idea.

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2 thoughts on “Putting It In Neutral!

  1. Patty, this is planner is awesome. how I wish I lived closer so I could get some help with mine. I never would have thought B&W could be so great to work with. i am going to look into purchasing monogrammed sticky notes as I really like yours.


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