They Say “If It Works, Don’t Fix It”, but if it doesn’t…

Yes folks, it’s another re-constructed journal!

I have been having a rough couple of days on more than one level, and needed a safe place to vent. But, because I’m not a huge fan of letting off steam publicly, i.e.; online, I choose to work it out with pen and paper.


This journal was a little useless, being from a project that I had completely lost interest in. So, last night I tore out all the old project remnants, and replaced them with new journaling pieces. Some of the pages didn’t survive the reconstruction process, but most did.

I began to rummage around my art room, gathering all the lost souls I could find. You can spot some of them at the top of the page. Bling junk!


Then, I grabbed my pen and and started writing! I wrote and decorated, decorated and wrote. Soon, I was adding inspirational quotes and sayings. And I must say, feeling much better about things!

First, for getting a few things off my chest. Then, for giving myself permission to do so!


It didn’t take long for this journal to become a comfortable place to land. To be honest, I had hoped that I wouldn’t need a “venting” journal anymore, but sometimes things just pile up.

My introverted side pegs out pretty easily when I spend too much energy outside myself.IMG_0723

  I think that some of the “projects” I get myself involved in makes me a little too stressed, then I hurry through my pages just to get them done. Not my style!

So, I’m going to put a lot of outside projects, and interactions, on hold for a while, just to regroup.

IMG_0729This blog is my heart and soul, so I won’t be wandering too far from here!

IMG_0734Because, we all need a comfy place to call our own!

Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “They Say “If It Works, Don’t Fix It”, but if it doesn’t…

  1. This looks so good. And sometimes someplace to rant and just get things out of our heads is the best thing, especially when it’s an inspirational piece like this. For me creativity in itself helps, I’ll prepare happy mail for my penpals and by the time I get to the letter I’m no longer stressed or upset. Something about the creation process perhaps 🙂


  2. What a great post Patty! I need to remind myself of the same things every day….sometime more than once a day….sometimes on bad days….every hour. This redone journal is just perfect! I could write for days in it! Thank you for sharing …..


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