December’s Planner decor in My Carpe Diem

Every month, when I receive my Planner Society Kit, either I don’t use all of the goodies, or I spread them out amongst all my planners until you loose Christy’s whole Planner Society “look”. So, I decided to relegate my new Carpe Diem Biz planner for exclusively PSK decor.

I’ll start my little tour from the beginning. It may seem a little unorthodox, but I decided to keep the current month at the front of my planner, working each month to the back as they finish up. That is why you see December in front of November.


Starting with the dashboard, a layering of November and December’s papers.  I love the colors Christy uses each month, they seem to blend into the next seamlessly!!


Playing cards holding samples of all of the PSK washi tapes. I am really amazed at how much I actually use this stuff now! Luckily, I have lots more!


An assortment of post its and note paper, too cute! I’m trying desperately not to hoard it!


My version of a mission board. This is my first really decorated up one. As you can see, I haven’t spent any time on the planning portion of it, but that will happen soon.


My MO2P’s, again not filled out yet, but it’s still early days.


My weekly planning spread, I use the heck out of this! I have decided that I need to make space in this planner for my craftings. There are too many thing to write in my Home planner, so I needed to shift it over here. Besides, those are things I usually blog about, so it makes sense to keep it together. In case your wondering, I’m still getting the hang of this planning organization thing!


Here is where I store my stickers and such for easy access. This is a one piece multi sleeve configuration from Office Depot. I re-punched the holes to fit into my planner. Having “most” of my PSK goodies in one place has really been awesome, I spend more time trying to figure out where I pigeonholed something than I would like to admit, so this is golden!

Maybe I should stop collecting things…Naw!

So there you have it. Things may change a bit, but I’m pretty happy with this set-up for now.

Once again,

Thanks for the visit,

Have a great Friday,


3 thoughts on “December’s Planner decor in My Carpe Diem

  1. i’d say your getting the hang of “it” quite nicely patty! i like how you have your supplies where you can access them/use them without having to look around for them. love all your clips with ribbons, tassels and flowers. the pink/blue ribbon with an arrow is darling! thanks for sharing your planner world journey with us 🙂


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