A Thrifty Finds Update

Although I am still working on de-cluttering my spaces, the occasional trip to my favorite thrift store is a must, because there are some things I can never have enough of…

IMG_2276IMG_2279…like awesome vintage children’s books!

Some of these have seen better days, so I will be happy to make journals out of them, but some I may have to hold on to, just too cute!IMG_2285My art room is slowly filling up with vintage wooden cigar boxes. I love how they look mixed in with my kooky, kitsch decor.

IMG_2282There is a chance that I will someday be able to pass up vintage playing cards for 25 cents, but not any time soon I imagine!

IMG_2263But this! Oh my goodness, I think I’m in love! To think I almost passed this up because of the color.

You see, over the years I have had too many vintage cases sit around empty, so making the decision to bring this home was a bit iffy…until I figured out what it would be perfect for…and I will be sharing that project next time!

Until then,

Thank you for stopping in,

Have a beautiful day,


5 thoughts on “A Thrifty Finds Update

  1. We call them opportunity shops in Australia, or Op shops for short. Whatever they are called, finding treasures in them is the best fun. You found some very cool things, enjoy!!


  2. ohh those children’s books! love! i crossed paths with a few wooden cigar boxes a few weeks ago. aren’t they great for storage of this and that? 25 cent vintage playing cards-you must NEVER ever pass those up! can’t wait to see what your using the vintage case for…. tfs patty.

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  3. I love all your vintage finds, Patty – love the books particularly! Looks like you have a great thrift store up there! Thanks for sharing!

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