Faith Journaling

It seems as though circumstances occurred around the same time to bring me to this place. A place where I feel comfortable and brave enough to share a part of my life that I usually keep private. The reason being that I didn’t want to come off as somebody that seemed pushy about their Faith.

I am not going to go into a lot of detail about my personal spiritual philosophies, I just wanted to share about something I have added, that makes me very happy.

IMG_2363Faith journaling! A place where I can journal about my thoughts on a book I’m reading, write down something I need to pray about, or just to create a beautiful space to enjoy.

I made a prayer journal years ago, but it sat on a shelf until I finally took it apart. Faith journaling happens to be one of the things in my vision/goal journal that I wanted to achieve this year. Luckily, there is an abundance of inspiration and ideas out there to encourage us.

IMG_2366Along with family keepsakes and a few store bought goodies, I was able to pull my pages together in the way that I had hoped to, vintage mixed with contemporary.

I am using adhesive photo pockets to put delicate family keepsakes in because they have prayers on the back, and I like to read them now and again.


I’m sure you will notice that this journal does lean a bit towards the Catholic church, there’s a very good reason for that, our family of origin is Catholic, and over the years I have saved many of the Christmas and Prayer cards we’ve received.


Of course, this style of art journaling will work for any Faith. I personally love having a place to keep some of my family memories along with having a beautiful place to journal.


As you can see, I have finished quite a few pages that I can go to when I need to write something down. I have found that this is super helpful. There’s nothing like losing the thought because there was no place to put it!


I have spent a lot of time combing the internet for ideas and inspiration. The best places I have found are Pinterest (of course), Instagram, Youtube, Illustrated Faith, and now The Reset Girl. Cori and Shanna both have channels on Youtube, so go check them out!

I’ll be taking a Faith journaling class in April with Cori and Shanna, I can’t wait!


That lavender cross is something that has been stuffed in a closet for decades. It was lovingly placed in an Easter card from my dad and stepmom long, long ago. I kept it all these years knowing that someday it would find the right place. This makes me very happy! And, reinforces the belief to not throw things away just because they don’t have a home yet!


A library pocket from that prayer journal that didn’t quite make it.

Now that I have a place for all those keepsakes from over the years, I will be starting on the journal that you can see at the top left in the first photo. It will have a distinctly different look to it with lots of retro kitschy-ness along with contemporary colors and embellishments, that should be fun!

I will be putting some Faith journals in my shoppe pretty soon, I’ll let you know as soon as that happens.

As always,

Thank you for your time,

Have a great weekend,


12 thoughts on “Faith Journaling

  1. Thanks for sharing your faith journal with us, Patty. It is so special using your keepsakes, things that have deep meaning and restores your soul. As always, love the use of colour and your eye for detail. So special!


  2. Your faith does shine through though, Patty, and it’s one of those things that draw people to you. I am not one to shout about my faith, either, but boy, am I glad when I find a kindred spirit. Faith journaling is such a good place to vent our feelings, pour our hearts to the Lord and after many years look back at and remember the joys and pains we went through…


  3. thanks for sharing patty. i love that you have a such a special place for family keepsakes. i bet as you move forward with this journal, you will be able to look back and see places you’ve grown, prayers that have been answered, things that have brought you peace, it’s yet another wonderful area in our lives to document 🙂 you are such an inspiration….


  4. I love your faith journal I have made christmas and lent journals the christmas ones I found easy as there are so many things going on the lent journal is more of a prayer intense one to think about Please do this again


  5. Hi Patty. Thanks so much for sharing your faith journal. It feels very…precious. I, too, follow Shanna and Cori, but the style of your work really struck a chord for me. Everyone’s faith is different, and so is the expression of that faith. I love how you have used family keepsakes and prayer cards in your journal; it is great to see imagery from the history of your faith included. And what a great idea to use library pockets (go Reset Girl!) and adhesive photo pockets to keep those items safe and accessible. Imagery and family and church are all intertwined for me too, so you have given me some great ideas.

    I always enjoy your blog and your work. Thanks for taking the risk to show another side of yourself. I really appreciated it. How lucky that you will be able to go to one of Shanna and Cori’s joint workshops. Enjoy!


    1. Thank you so much! It was literally a leap of Faith to write this post, but extremely necessary for my personal journey. I’m so glad it resonated with you! 🙂 Thank you so much for your comment, it is very much appreciated!


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