My Vision/Goals Planner

This all started with just wanting a cute faux-dori. I had been seeing them all around IG and in Facebook groups, so I had to try one out.

Am I glad I did!


I purchased this KiwiDori from The Kiwi Rose shop. I love it!

I had to warm up to it a bit, never having used one before, so it sat on a shelf for a few months. But, when the new year rolled around, I knew exactly what I needed it for…


A Vision/Goals Planner! Through the years, I had heard about people using vision boards, but I didn’t really give them too much credence…till now!

This is the first of 7 inserts, titled “Creative”. There is also “The Shoppe”, “Social”, “Personal”, “Our Home”, “Faith” and “Self Care/Fitness”.  This “Creative” insert is where I list projects that need finishing, some new ones I’d like to try, or just a place to journal and dream. As you will see, I use copious amounts of inspirational quotes throughout.


I’ve started decorating up a few pages before I write on them. I didn’t do this in the beginning, so I went back and “fixed” those. I didn’t realize how much I had been using this until I started looking for undecorated pages!


This is such an excellent place to put inspiring images and ideas! I had the magazines these came out of for years! I finally cut out the images I wanted, then donated the mostly intact magazines to the thrift store. What a space saver!


My business insert. In my research on vision boards, cutting out images and quotes is a huge part of the process. It was fun finding the right home for each saying!


I glued cool photos of inspiring craft spaces throughout my business section from my collection of “Where Women Create” magazines, then donated those too.

I don’t know about you, but that makes me want to get busy!


This is my social insert. Where I put ideas, concerns, goals or just journal.


This reading list in my personal goals section got pretty extensive, so I switched it over to my personal planner. This planner has become a great place to hash out ideas for my other planners! IMG_2499

Which brings me to the point of this post, vision journals work!

I tried this as an experiment, with low expectations, my mistake! It seems that this works very much the same way that planning does, if you write it down, you are more likely to do it! Go figure.

I am officially a true believer! There were a few inserts I didn’t share because of how long this post was getting, but it seems as though most of the sections of this planner have helped me make huge progress towards my goals, with the exception of the Health and Fitness. Every time I open that one I hear crickets! Time to correct that!

I hope this gave you some encouragement to try idea this out. I will be updating you on the progress of this little gem as the year progresses. Like I said, there are still a couple of areas I need to work on, and it’s never too late to get started!

Thanks once again for the visit,

Have a great weekend,


4 thoughts on “My Vision/Goals Planner

  1. I love your planner and the fact you’re using it. I can’t seem to use my goal/vision planner. I need to get it out. Decorate it. Play with it. Journal in it.


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