Vintage Supply Findings

This is what happens when you wait too long to share, it piles up! It’s been two months, to the day, since I last wrote about my vintage findings. And it seems I’ve been very busy!


These are a few things I picked up while spending the day with one of my best friends. Milk caps and vintage Japanese postcards. I’m not sure what I will do with those postcards, I may have to come up with some kind of postcard album, just so I can look at them once in a while instead of poking them into a drawer.


Dennison goodies from Ebay. I have since found a much less expensive alternative, I’ll share that in a bit.

Those Thanksgiving seals will be fun for journal decorating around the holidays, I have no explanation for the music dictionary.


Books that have seen better days. There’s an antique mall in the next town that has loads of books that are in pretty bad shape, but for a decent price. I just love the covers on these, I don’t care if they’re falling apart, I think it adds to their character!

I have to say, I love taking something that other people might look at as hopeless and making something useful out of them!


French Prayer cards from “French Vintage 4 You” on Etsy. Her shop is in France, but the shipping was very reasonable. This is just a portion of what I received, I just love them!

She has lots of great antiques and ephemera too, go check her out!


Some super cute ephemera from “Feed the Birdies” on Etsy. Her shop is filled with so much cute, vintage ephemera, it was hard to choose. I love that she sent a report card from Moses Lake, WA. That’s where my daughter lives, how cool is that!

I’m considering writing my name at the top of these, I couldn’t bring home a report card like these in my wildest dreams!


A treasure trove from “Saturday Morning Vintage“. I ordered this ephemera pack along with some Dennison labels. I had the hardest time getting all this into the photo, there was so much of it!

I have to admit, I didn’t pay very much attention to the shop photo when I purchased this because I was in such a hurry, so what a great surprise it was when I went through it and found so many awesome little goodies! There isn’t one thing I’m not in love with here! Swoon!


Here are the Dennison labels from her shop. The rest of that, at the right, is the gratis pack she included with my order! Again, I love every bit of it. (I hope you can sense my excitement over all this!)

I don’t know where she finds all this awesomeness, the lucky duck, but you have to go check out her shop, its fantastic!

Well, thats it for now. I hope you will go check out the shops I mentioned.

Till next time,

Thank you for stopping in,

Have a great day,


7 thoughts on “Vintage Supply Findings

  1. vintage supply EXTRAVAGANZA!!!! wow-wow-WOW! if this isn’t eye candy-i don’t know what is! i will be checking out the shops you mentioned 😉 the report card from where your daughter lives is amazing-the world gets smaller and smaller. “i like paper-mail-and you” is adorable (in the last photo) curious to hear what your new discovery for Dennison alternatives is. and those old books, yep, that’s a bif swoon! i would love to find a copy of The Boxcar Children, a favorite that goes all the way back to 5th grade for me. thanks for sharing all these treasures patty 🙂


  2. I’m swooning over your vintage french prayer cards – that one with the heart is to die for! I have this whole Frida beating heart/skeleton hand earring/bramble necklace kinda dark thing going on in my head and have been thinking about a journal with those things….that heart makes me think of Frida! All of your finds are so great and I really appreciate you sharing the shops you frequent – new addictions for me, too!


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