A New Art Journal For Moi!

While preparing journals for my shoppe last week, one book just didn’t make the cut, only because I couldn’t bear to part with it. It has all the colorful 70’s kitschiness that makes my heart sing.

And sing it did…


I just put it together this morning, and I have already finished 4 pages in it!

That has to be some kind of record, especially since I have the whole tribe coming over this weekend, including my son from S. Korea!

The house is supposed to be ready for company…ooops!


I almost skipped the pocket page, but I kept finding cuteness to stuff in it!

That library pocket on the right is from a journal I had repurposed. Thank goodness it finally found a home, it kept sticking to things!

What do you think of that flair pin on the rag clip?! Cute or what! I will definitely be annoying with those!IMG_3426

Part of the reason I wanted to get going on this journal is because I have changed up how I make them. I wanted a prototype to work on before popping them into my shoppe.

Two Budgies heckling the neighbor boys while the bear and duck crack up! If you read “Delightful” and “Charming” with a hint of sarcasm, and a parrot voice, you’ll get what I mean.

I try to work with the illustrations as much as I can without covering them up. Also, I want to start working with my back log of storybook images, sometimes they can be a bit daunting, but this one worked out pretty well.


I finally got the old sewing machine out! A doubtful photo, but what I did was sew the sides of a mini file folder up, and adhered it to the page.

Hmmm…it seemed cuter in person. I’ll have to work on that! Maybe I should go around the edges with a black sharpie for contrast.

Oh well, a large journaling card or memorabilia can go in there.


Ah, my favorite! Love in bloom! Mice make my heart sing, so cute!

I didn’t realize, until the page was put together, that it looked like the mouse was falling in love with that cute blonde, so sweet!

So, there you have it. I absolutely love working in this journal, and I hope other people feel the same way when I put them in my shoppe!

Once again, thanks for popping in,

Have a Happy Mother’s Day if it applies,

See you next week,


3 thoughts on “A New Art Journal For Moi!

  1. Neva mind about getting the house ready for family, that journal is just adorable! Thanks for sharing it with us and have a Happy Mothers day with your family, Patty. X o from Nanci


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