Gratitude Collage Journal “flip through”

A couple of weeks ago I announced on IG and FB, that I would be uploading a “flip through” video of my August gratitude journal, onto my YouTube channel. Then, I realized that it would be much simpler to take some photos and share them here, and I’m all about what’s easier these days! So, here goes…


Days 19 & 20

The usual suspects: playing card, postage stamps, various store bought ephemera bits, and washi tape. I try to tie my page spreads together in some way, with this one I thought the horses did the trick.


Days 21 & 22

A vintage summer theme here. On the page to the right, I used a technique I’ve been having a lot of fun with lately. I cut images from the same background paper then re-apply them randomly to the page. The three round pieces outlined with pencil were re-applied, it seems to give the page more depth.


Days 23 & 24

This is mostly a play with color. Some days I don’t get as much done, but I’m always grateful for evenings spent with my honey!


Days 25 & 26

One of my favorite things to do in my list journals is to find alternative ways to date them, I just used a circle stamp for the 26th. Also, I tried mirroring the grey with polka dots in the sticker over on the left, along with the flowers for a more cohesive look.


Days 27 & 28

Some fun memories of our visit to see my daughter and her family. I took loads of photos, but I prefer to use those in my Midori gratitude journal.

I was lucky to find a postage stamp with 28 cents postage on it for the date, and it added a nice pop of color!


Days 29 & 30

Nearing the end of my little journal. As you can see, I kind of threw these pages together. Monday, I was fighting a cold, by Tuesday it had won.


Day 31

And the end of this journal. A wonderful keepsake, but not necessarily something I want to do every month, just here and there throughout the year. I may try one of these quarterly, just to hit the highlights next time, that will be after the Holidays…

I can’t wait to start this years Holiday journal! Those are my all time favorites to make!

But until then, I may have to pull out some of my old Holiday journals to share on this blog since they all got lost on “ye olde blog”. Just to get some creative inspiration going! Sounds like fun!

Thanks once again for the visit,

See you soon,


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