iHanna Fall 2016 Postcard Swap

Well, it’s that time of the year again. I’m supposed to downscaling my projects right now, but the iHanna PCS only comes around twice a year, and I couldn’t pass it up!

Once again, I have decided to share my postcard making process, I’ve added a few new steps. This post is photo heavy, so I will try to keep the jibber-jabber to a minimum:


Step one: postcard backgrounds

I usually have a few left over pieces from my art journal makings, so I just cut them down to 6″ x 4″. These are a combination of spray dye, paint, stenciling, and stamping.


Step two: adhering tissue paper

I tear long pieces of tissue paper, then adhere it with matte medium and a soft brush. This tissue is my newest favorite.


Step three: adhere random ephemera

I have a lot of store bought ephemera I’m trying to use up, and projects like these are perfect for this!


Step four: adhere vintage image

I always have book pages left over from my journal making, I go through them once in a while and punch or cut out the images, so I usually have lots of these on hand.


Step five: postage stamps

What is mail art with out postage stamps, always one of my favorite additions.


Step six: strategically placed washi tape

There’s a lot happening on these little cards, a bit of washi can give them some much needed structure.


Step seven: a wash of “antiqued” matte medium

Just put a drop of each pigment color into some matte medium, mix, and apply to the entire surface of your project.


Here’s a before and after.

The difference is subtle, but worth the extra step in my book. I use this technique on my art journal pages quite often. It tones down the whites and calms the brighter colors, giving the page/project a more cohesive look.


Step eight:

Going around some of the features with pencil, this gives the piece depth and contrast.


Step nine: address and send with Love!


I had so much fun making these that I made 15 of them, I only needed 10 for the swap!

Once again,

Thank you for popping in,

Have a great weekend,


9 thoughts on “iHanna Fall 2016 Postcard Swap

  1. Your postcards are so beautiful! Shown all together, they are a stunning masterpiece! Thank you for sharing your process. I really like the idea of adding an “antiquing” medium to tone things down and make the pieces blend together more. I will be trying that!


  2. These are so awesome! I am so glad you shared your process! Thank you! I would love to add one of these beauties to my collection…if I’m not already on your list….I’ll email you! Where oh where did you get that fantastic tissue paper!?


  3. oh Patty these are darling!!! i loved seeing your process and how you incorporate those yummy bits and pieces into the postcards – the stamps, vintage ephemera – tissue paper, it all came together (as usual) in a delicious finished project. i would LUV to have one-will email you asap 😉


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