In My Own Backyard…So To Speak

One of the things I promised myself this year was to take the time to get out and walk more. I finally started over the last couple of weeks, better late than never, but I needed a change of scenery. So, this morning I put together some walking gear, packed a lunch, and off I went. There is a beautiful drive to a park with walking trails in a neighboring town, and as I drove out of our town, I saw a sign that read “Bonhoeffer Botanical Garden” just on the other side of the freeway. My husband and I had noticed various goings on over the last couple of years, but had never taken the time to check it out.

Anyway, I turned the car around, and this is what I discovered…


This is the view walking into the park, beautiful ponds, trails, and walkways all around.


Baby trees, ferns and wild bushes. Who knows who might be living in there, magical.


Educational signs and plant labels abound. I didn’t take the time to read them on this trip. This is literally 5 minutes from my house, I’ll be back!


This reminded me of a favorite drawing. I took loads of photos, there will have to be a part two of this post.


One of several bird houses, I love the mossy roof. I almost expected to see smoke coming out a tiny chimney.


Ferns and moss. I absolutely LOVE living in a place where ferns and moss grow abundantly!


This batch of ferns are growing in a large tree stump, gorgeous!


And a little natural water feature.

I hope you enjoyed our little field trip. I can’t wait to print some of these photos out and add them to my journals.

This is one of the changes I was hoping to make with my art journaling. I feel as if there has been something missing and I’m hoping that using some of my own photography will be the answer. If it is, you’ll be one of the first to know!

Thanks once again for the visit,

Have a beautiful day,


One thought on “In My Own Backyard…So To Speak

  1. Gorgeous scenery and so close to home! Love all the little ferns and plants, that birdhouse is so cute! Great to see you are enjoying nature and photographing it for the rest of us to see too. 🙂

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