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Hi, remember me!

Wow, it’s been a long time! I took a much needed break, and now I’m ready for a new year! With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to share a bit of my Holiday journal. I try to start these journals around Thanksgiving and run them through the New Year. This journal has about 35 pages, but I’ll only be showing some of my favorites.


I made this year’s journal out of a vintage Christmas children’s story book, not too many surprises there I imagine. My only regret is that the format was too small for some of the images I wanted to use, so next year I will be going bigger. šŸ™‚


Let’s start with Thanksgiving. Most of these images are from a planner I took apart. I couldn’t bring myself to toss all the decor, so I repurposed them here. The small Ā gold card is from a Thanksgiving gift I received in the mail, some super yummy breadĀ loaves for ourĀ feast. These journals serve as memory keepers, so I try and incorporate as many keepsakes as I can.

To Christmas…


Case in point: a beautiful card sent to me by a wonderful friend, thank you Jenny!


I alternatedĀ the originalĀ pages from this book with painted pages of my own, along with pocket pages and an envelope to hold notes and memorabilia. I think the page on the right is from the Nutcracker, I tried to tie the colors in together here. The tree on the left is a napkin, the circles are punched washi paper, postage stamps, ephemera, star stenciling, andĀ a little doodling. Doodling on my pages is still pretty new to me, but I really like the contrast.

img_6127Using kitschy Christmas decor images was the most fun. These mid-century crafty ideasĀ were too irresistible to pass up!


Heading into the New Year, I couldn’t resist including my favorite photo from Christmas, our little elf. On the right is one of the pocket pages, perfect for storing the “Ring in the New Year” postcards from a swap I participated in.


TheseĀ are some of the postcards I made for the swap. So much fun!


Here are the 3 postcards I received from the swap along with a Christmas themed one I received from a dear friend, thank you Iryna!Ā  Love these!


Here is what I came up with for New Years. I’m busy making plans for what I want to accomplish this year.Ā Gardening and getting my house in order are on the top of myĀ list. This home with a snowy scene out of the window is so inspiring. On the other side of this page has the instructions on how to build one of these indoor gardens. I won’t be doing that, so I arted it up.


I made a bit of a mess with my New Years greeting, but it was fun.


Playing with images and paintĀ and keeping it simple, I just needed enough room to journal a bit.


The last two pages of this journal. You may have noticed that my pages are becoming a tad minimalist,Ā I’m trying out letting the images speak for themselves. Adding the doodles is really quite relaxing and adds an extra touch that seems to finish off the page.

I’m streamliningĀ manyĀ aspects of my life this year, for instanceĀ not using props in my photos,Ā orĀ cutting back on outside projects. I’m hoping that I canĀ free up more time to actually create, or decorate my house,Ā Ā and hopefully share here more often. I’m also going to try a “No Spend” experiment with art and crafting supplies, except adhesives or pens, for the year.

That should be interesting, wish me luck!

So, until next time,

Happy New Year!

See you soon,


9 thoughts on “Holiday Journal Share

  1. Happy New Year, Patty. Loved your holidays journal pages, thanks for sharing them with us. Do you bind your journal yourself, or take it to one of those outfits that do the spiral binding? I have a really old second grade reader book I’d like to make into a journal book, any tips on getting the front and back covers off? Love the vintage ephemera you use, and the idea of a no spend year really appeals!


    1. I bind and sell my own journals Nanci. I’ve bound books for people through my shoppe quite a few times if you’d like to try that. If not, take a look around my shop and others for a few ideas of what to include.


  2. hi patty! happy 2017šŸ™‚ first, i love your banner picture on the blog. (the bunny planter especially) i really like your doodles, and your postcards are stunning! i think my favorite page is the kitschy Christmas decor. itā€™s so fun to see the chickadee cardšŸ˜‰ your welcomeā¤

    what a great place and a great way to document the holidays. thanks for sharing these pages. i am intending to not spend a lot this year as well, (except for markers/pens to use for coloring) along with some streamlining in my world. less=more and use what i have! i just made 12 envelopes using a 2016 calendar-that was fun! happy new year, great to see a post from youšŸ™‚


  3. Patty – you are always inspiring! I’m going to try to use my journals more this year to keep things that take my eye and need a place to be found again! Pockets are SUCH a good answer! Love your pages as always, and like your idea for no more buying in 2017 – I’ve already spent enough on new products introduced by a favorite artist – the rest of the year I should be able to craft with what I have! Maybe we can do some of it together!!! Happy New Year!


      1. Hi Patty,
        Happy New Year from England. I love your holiday journal. Thank you for the postcard you sent me.


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